Gone are the days of a hen do simply being a pub meal and then dancing while dressed in shocking pink with badges half the size of your head stuck to your chest. Boring. Now it’s sophisticated outings, weekends abroad or travelling the British Isles to discover the best spas, yummiest local foods or the best champagne. Whichever you chose, make it personal.

From nibbles and tipples to secret hideaways with sumptuous hot tubs and champagne, you now have as many choices for your hen do as Chanel did shoes. Destinations and creative jaunts are now easily accessible and the days of the uninspired pink overload around the local pub has disappeared.

Top four tips to planning a hen do


  1. It’s all about the hen, bout the hen, bout the hen, no treble

    You don’t have to involve male stripper, a pink boa and willy straws. Consider who your hen is: is she quiet and loves settling into a spa day, maybe she loves champagne or even cooking. Tailor parts of your day/weekend to surprise her with something she loves to do to relax.

  2. Plan

    It’s all in the planning so get googling and check out the best ideas, best budgets, best travel for your chosen destination and plan it thoroughly.

  3. Invitation only

    Make sure you invite the right bunch. I’m guessing you know your hen well so you’ll know who you can and who you shouldn’t invite. Yep, there’s always some on the list you know you have to invite but just because she’s a mum at school doesn’t mean you need to invite all the mums in her class. Group dynamics is key to the event so put some thought into the invitations and who they’ll go to and don’t have afraid to check in with your hen about it if you’re stuck. Better to get it right than wrong.

  4. Be unique

    Think outside the bulk stock standard hen party ideas and create a day or weekend that flows at a good relaxed pace. Write a list of ideas you think she’ll love and be unique. Do something that doesn’t scream ‘hen party’ like indoor skydiving. Get creative. There’s so many incredible cities at our doorstep that a weekend away hen do is a brilliant and unique way to celebrate. Check out dealchecker’s alternative hen do hotspots for some brilliant ideas on leaving your city and adventuring – whether you want to spurge a little or create a weekend to remember on a shoe string.