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colourful wedding dress
collection.  I’m still fantasising about wearing the Zoltova Dress for my 10th Wedding Anniversary shoot in August but these next few dresses are just as stunning as the Zoltova (almost).

I asked Chrissy what her main inspiration for her wedding dresses were and I was so overwhelmed by her response that I am really pleased to share it with you…

I’m deeply influenced by nature and especially botanicals. There’s so much unique repetition and beauty in the natural world. The way my clothing is made is greatly influenced by the philosophies of traditional Chinese art. Things are done in the most meticulous and meditative way, not the easy way.

The logo uses a Chinese seal I created, and many of the strokes sewn into the clothing are based on
Chinese ink wash strokes. The construction process is also following the Bauhaus methodology.  Creating and designing means doing, with the designer completing all steps from the raw textile to the finished product.

Within the clothing, I use sewing techniques taught to me by my Puerto Rican grandmother which were passed on to her by generations of Latinas. I also use techniques of Mola quilting, which is a South American technique of reverse appliqué. My designs are also influenced by European and Native American styles. Chrissy.

Cultural influences

When I read about the many different cultural influences that exist in her work and particularly the many different traditional techniques she used, I fell in love with her couture even more.

I have a huge respect for artists who are influenced by nature and can visualize man made garments from them.  But I have an even bigger respect and admiration for those artists and designers who are carrying on the techniques of old.  These are methods that have been practiced over years and years and have been perfected through the generations.  The thought that some of these techniques are being lost is an absolute tragedy.

And, a little confession – Hubby and I share a mutual love for Native American art.  I have loved it all my life but when I finally took the trip of my dreams to Vancouver 8 years ago, their galleries were like chocolate to me.  The masks, the jewellery the carvings, all incredibly appetising to me!!!

Fashion and couture

Fashion is about the merging of traditions gone by with the breaking of those traditions today and Chrissy is designing new traditions created from her heritage: an exotic fusion of Chinese/Puerto Rican/English genes and a global upbringing. So I leave you with more of her stunning collection.

Please Chrissy, save a Zoltova dress for me!!!

Although there are no stockists outside the US, Chrissy mentioned:

We work with hundreds of brides a year from afar and guarantee the fit of the dress when supplied with accurate measurements.

So ladies, no excuses.  I want to see one of you in a Zoltova, please!!!