I love outdoor weddings and back home in Australia you can get married almost anywhere you want to just as long as you hire a registered celebrant to marry you.  But here in England it’s a bit tougher and I just don’t understand why. 

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are so many stunning places to get married outdoors here: Dartmoor National Park, Newquay Beach and how many stunning castles are there in this country? National trust gardens… the list is long and distinguished! 🙂

I love the idea of finding an incredible tree somewhere you love, or going onto the beach with a home made archway overhead covered with frangipanis and little red hearts: adding yet another dimensions to your story telling on your wedding day and creating something that is unique to you.  Or just saying your vows in a place that has meaning to you!

I want to show you a couple of stunning altars I’ve stumbled across in my web travels to help give you some inspiration beyond tradition.

Photo by Angela J Martin Photography

Photo by Angela J Martin Photography

Photo by Ashley Rose Photography

Photo by Julie Harris Photography

I love the idea of creating an altar.  Like the arch I keep meaning to create every summer in the garden, covered in exotic flowers in purples and whites, highlighted by a mirror sitting behind the arch and I’ll call it ‘The arch to nowhere but here’.  I love the idea that right here, right now is perfect and I’d sit under it, the sun warming my skin, and just be!  Now imagine if that arch was my altar.  Romantic!!!

Imagine being able to bring your wedding day altar home and putting it in your garden over a love seat – oh, it’s just the epitome of romantic! And for your anniversary you could get a little love sign made up for it – Ok, somebody stop me, I will go on and on.

Create your story! Be adventurous!


NEWS FLASH:  I wanted to share some information that I have just received from a gorgeous lady who is a celebrant here in the UK.  She is an expert on Wedding laws and has generously given me some info on the laws of getting married here in the UK inside and out… take it away Christabel 🙂

“In England and Wales (Scottish wedding law is different) couples who are looking to marry outside the Church have to do so at an Approved Venue. An Approved Venue must be a fixed structure and under cover in order for the marriage to be legally binding.

A legal wedding ceremony cannot take place in the open air, in a tent, marquee or any other temporary structure or in most forms of transport and the ceremony must also take place before 6pm.

If your dream is to say “I do” in a meadow of wild flowers, a tipi or Bedouin tent, gorgeous woodland, beachside hideaway or a floating barge, then with a Wedding Celebrant you can. Perhaps you would like a candlelit evening ceremony followed by the release of Chinese lanterns? This is all very possible.

How? All you have to do is have the legal ceremony first, usually at the Registry Office or anywhere that is a legally registered indoor venue as per the above and then have the outdoor ceremony of your dreams.

Most couples choose to do this a few days prior to the ‘big day’ and take along a handful of close family or friends. Some choose to take only the two witnesses legally required. The actual legal part is relatively quick and does not have to include the exchanging of vows or rings (this is purely ceremonial), unless you want to.

If what you want is to have the ceremony of your dreams in that wonderful location with a personally written script that truly reflects you, then you can.  You can even have a tribute to your very own love story.  There are no restrictions. Just the way you always imagined it would be.”

Do check out Christabel’s website for more information or send her an email.

Thanks Christabel!