How can fashion and the likes of Vogue magazine help inspire not just your wardrobe but your wedding?! How can you get inspiration from your wardrobe and fashion magazines when planning your wedding? Following the basic fashion rules, this post helps you design and style your wedding using fashion as your personal inspiration.

There is nothing more relaxing for me than to get respite over the latest Vogue Mag, a cuppa tea, and when I’m feeling naughty, a fudge brownie {I’m quite often naughty :-); I’ve been known to get lost in a single image for over an hour. I’m one of those fashion mad peeps who doesn’t just flick through and browse the images, I hone in on the detail, the small stuff, the “oh how did they create that” kind of read. I sit with my visual inspiration and look, learn, agree, disagree, ponder, create and so on. It’s how I’ve learnt about fashion and styling over the years and Vogue are one of my biggest inspirations because they’re different, they’re not afraid of the unique and creatively weird and they love making bold statements. Something I wish I could do with my wardrobe.

Your wardrobe meets your wedding

Of course there are some basic rules to styling that we can take from fashion that really do make sense, like matching body shape, colour and skin tone when you style your wardrobe but how can we integrate this into weddings?

These basic fashion rules can make a big impact when styling your wedding. For example, you might fall madly in love with a dress in a magazine but in reality when you put it on, it just doesn’t suit your shape and a great bridal shop or bridal designer will stear you away from that dress, even if it is a Jenny Packham worth thousands, and point you towards a ┬ú500 dress if it suits your shape. So do think about your figure, your shape and look for what you know suits you – there is a dress with all of these details out there waiting for you to fall in love with, and if not – hail a designer ­čÖé It worked for me ­čÖé

Colour, colour, colour

And when you look at colour think about what suits you. We all suit certain shades better than others and generally there will be a shade or two that just looks dreadful on us, like banana yellow on me or light blue – ooh I look sick when I wear them. So when choosing colour in your wedding, consider those that suit you best, even if you’re wearing white, your Hubby2B, the maids, the detailing will all be around you on the day. This way, your continually complimenting you, your body, your skin tone and when you incorporate all of these details into your wedding you make a bigger impact.

Think of it this way, have you ever had an item in your wardrobe that you absolutely loved but never seem to get compliments on when you wear it? And then you put on a basic item, in a colour that really suits you (mine is purple and green) that people seem to always comment on. That’s because your working with your complimentary colours and no matter how beautifully tailored or made an item, colour has a huge effect.

But can we look at fashion to inspire weddings? Of course we can, but how?

Trends shape style

If we look at the current Autumn/Winter trends for this season we can instantly create visual ideas for wedding styling. The trends this season are: Baroque, Cobalt, Leather, Oriental, Diamonds, Winter In Bloom, prints and more. So lets look at them with our wedding vision goggles on :-):

  • Baroque – draped gowns, crystals, dramatic, deep colours, think Grandeur, think opulence, chandeliers and expensive details
  • Leather – Rock it up, sexy corsets on the maids, black, red, pink, gold, think 60’s and think glossy black for a sleek, more elegant look
  • Cobalt – {my personal favourite} loads and loads of details in cobalt blue from invitations to table decor, flowers in blue hues to compliment, agh, so much you could do with this one – just inject, inject, inject the colour!
  • Winter In Bloom –┬áLess feminine than┬ápretty summer blooms think┬ádark, edgy and lux

Styling your wardrobe or your wedding are pretty much the same thing just different materials, different details and a lot more money :0

But, the fun only gets better – if you really want to be unique, and you love to be different and make a really personal statement, you can mix them up. Using prints is a great example, mix leather with diamonds!!! If your personal style is a mix of all sorts like mine, then pick your favourites and using the basic rules of style and fashion, create an impact!!!

baroque themed wedding style

Baroque style

Rock it up with white and black, leather and lace.

Fashion styling and styling your wedding work beautifully in symmetry. Don’t forget your wedding is about you guys, who you are, what you love – your style! There is no right or wrong way to creating your style whether it be your wardrobe or your wedding but checking out the latest trends is one way to get inspired. And, now that the weather has turned really cold, and my favourite fashion season has begun, we can all get those gorgeous coats, beautiful boots, sexy hats and woolly gloves out to compliment our own style.

I’m most definitely going to ride the prints wave this season and this morning, on the school run, I FINALLY got to get my most favourite fashion possession out of my wardrobe. I got it a few months ago, ready for A/W and although it’s not yet wintery, this budding scarf addict doesn’t need an excuse to wear one. My┬áCashmere Mink Animal Print scarf is going to be to be worn, most days ­čÖé Its from Wonderful Wraps. They sell fashion wraps and wedding wraps and accessories and have the most divine scarves made out of the most divine materials!!!

If you’re having a winter wedding this year then Wonderful Wraps stock the most beautiful, elegant, fashionable wraps around. Whether you’re in the UK or the US and Australia, contact the gorgeous┬áTrilby {waves} and the staff from┬áWonderful Wraps.

For more wedding styling, check out the real weddings category on the blog or visit the Alice In Weddingland Facebook page where I love to spill my love for fashion and styling all over it’s pages ­čÖé

So, my question to you guys: I love soaking up fashion and styling ideas, no matter what they are and I’d love to know what you’re planning this Autumn/Winter. Has anything excited you yet? Do you agree that mixing trends can give you your own personal edge? I am all ears…!

Happy Vogueing!