A brilliant ‘concept shoot’ by the frabjous Rock It Up Photography, that demonstrates three different kind of Brides looks: the Traditional Bride, the more Burlesque Bride and the more Tim Burton Bride look.

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will let Claire from Rock It Up and Candice Fuller take you on their journey:

Rock It Up Photography: The concept for this shoot was to try and cover three different looks in one afternoon with one model.  The first look we wanted to go for was a modern, traditional bridal make up.  We went to a local country park to do a few photo’s initially where our model Jo got some very funny looks and comments, especially as it was a Sunday and nice weather so there were more people there than you would normally expect.

Candice Fuller: The makeup was a very simple classic bridal look to give radiance and glow without a heavy look, I used a matt foundation to reduce the shine on the skin and I used a bronzer along the contour of the cheeks to define the cheekbone.  I then added a pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks to give that beautiful glow a bride always needs. We captured what we believe to be some serene shots utilising our beautiful countryside.

Rock It Up Photography: We then travelled over to a place called Badby a few miles away to the woods which is infamous for its display of bluebells every year, unfortunately we were a little too early to have the magic of them in the images, but it is definitely another reason to go back there and take some more images!  The wind was chilling and considering our model Jo was only wearing a thin dress for most of the afternoon she did a sterling job!

Rock It Up Photography: Our second look was a bit more of a burlesque bride.  We went for a short, strapless wedding dress, paired up with a black hat and veil.  It seemed as soon as Jo had a cheeky little veil on she got a bit more confident and as gorgeous as she was in the first bridal gown, she seemed to have an extra sparkle in her eye.

Candice Fuller: The make up for this stage of the shoot went a little darker and heavier, I went for more of a smokey look around the eyes using greys, blacks and a gold for the inner corners of the eyes, I removed the pink blusher from the previous shoot and just used a bronzer, this paired with the red lipstick created more of a sexy sultry look and we all agreed this matched the burlesque theme perfectly. It was in this stage of the shoot Jo really using her strength as a dancer to balance on a fallen tree we found and the whole time still maintaining a beautiful pose.

Rock It Up Photography: During this part of the shoot the wind picked up a little and it started spitting with rain so we managed to find shelter in a little man made hut where we wrapped Jo up to get her a bit warmer, and started the third and final transition.  This was the part of the shoot I had been really looking forward to.  Candice had done some fabulous trials for this look which only served to make my excitement greater!  It’s wonderful when you meet another creative person and you are on the same page instantly.  I really feel Candice and I have developed a very special working relationship. (Candice Fuller:me too)

As you can hopefully see from the images the final section of the shoot was very influenced by the amazing Tim Burton! The model Jo took on the character we had created in our minds to perfection.

Candice Fuller: This was also my favourite part of the shoot, we were all eager to get started and at this point the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we were all getting very cold especially poor Jo.  Again with the make up I went darker and created a tear/smudged effect around the eyes.  This was done by using a fine brush with a gel liner then gently smudging it out with my fingertips.  I kept the red lipstick in tact as although we went for a more distressed look I wanted it to still be smooth and clean.

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