Before choosing your wedding band, you need to have a shortlist of four or five, so you can grill them before settling on your ideal match. Here are questions are your need-to-know questions:

What’s your overall style?

You need to be sure that their style fits in with your theme. If you’re planning a swish cocktail reception, you probably won’t want Norwegian death metallers.

Can we see footage of previous receptions you’ve worked?

Some bands have clips on their websites, or they have a Soundcloud embed so you can listen to them in action.

Do you know the venue we’re choosing? If not, could you check it out beforehand?

Your band should be able to work out the acoustics in a building and tailor their equipment and sound to “fill” it. If they don’t want to scope out an unfamiliar venue, cross them off your list.

Can you play traditional songs, like the Jewish hora?

Better known as the “havanagila” song, this song is a must at Jewish weddings. If they don’t know it, are they prepared to learn it? If you’re looking for a wedding band hire in Leeds, there are a few bands that can oblige without having to learn.

Do we need to rent any equipment?

Do they need a piano, or extra speakers, or a stage? Is any of their equipment a bit unsightly and if so, will it need to be covered over?

Do you include special effects? Or are they extra?

You might want a smoke machine, or lights, and this might cost extra or it might be par for the course for your band.

How do you provide a comfortable sound level for everyone?

Older guests won’t want a loud band and teenage guests don’t want a tea dance. Experienced wedding bands should know how to cater for everyone at once.

How many hours does your package include?

Most bands will play for a while, then take a break, during which there’s a DJ, then start up again. Ask them what their usual schedule is, and invite them to eat and have a drink in between.

How do we make song requests?

Most bands prefer requests to be passed discreetly to them, although more raucous outfits might not mind well-oiled aunties asking for “I Will Survive” every half hour…

Is ours your only wedding on that day?

If yours is the last one of the day, ask if they ever do encores or overtime. Similarly, if a previous engagement runs over, how will they deal with this?

Can they replace ill members?

Every band should have several stand-ins in case of illness – ideally you should meet them.

Can I see your liability insurance?

If not, this is a deal-breaker.

How do you deal with equipment malfunctions?

One band member should be the handyman (or woman) who fixes the blown amp while bandmates go a capella. Ask about back-up plans in case of vehicle malfunction too.Click here to read more about a capella.