The traditional wedding cake seems to be far from what it traditionally was: the white encrusted royally iced statue has instead become a work of art.  But I am not a fan or royal icing and so for me what mattered most was the inside: the outside was more of an attraction than an edible slice of heaven.  However, not any more.  For those like me who don’t like royal icing feast your eyes (and tastebuds) on these stunning, extremely yummy buttercream works of art!

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Of Hearts Couture Cakes
. (Oh what a splendid name!!!).

I met these two bright and bubbly girls up at the National Wedding Show in February and not only did their cakes make an enormous impact on me, but so did they!  They are so passionate about their creations, so motivated to keep outperforming their last cake and they are truly just the sweetest girls!  I came away after meeting them with a really good vibe, knowing that Brides who wanted a unique wedding cake were in wonderful hands and they are already proving to be a great success.  So if you’re looking for something different, unique and something that would stand-out on your cake table, then chose a Queen Of Hearts Couture Cake – they’re like eating paintings with a delicious filling.

This is one of my favourites, it looks like a stained glass window!

And this one, a graffiti filled romantic note to each other!  Your guests will adore reading it!

A word from the Queens of cake:

“Last Mothers Day 2011, we thought of giving our 2 very good friends (whom we consider our second mums) something special but not too expensive. So we said, we’ll cook for them.. We were just browsing the internet for recipes..went to youTube and stumbled upon a tutorial on how to make a sunflower cupcake using a ziplock bag improvise. We had a go and thank God it turned out to be a sunflower. Few more clicks then we found a cupcake bouquet. And we said THAT’S IT!

The first ever cupcakes we baked were hard and some were even coming off the wrappers, the icing was horribly sweet..but when we presented them, they just loved it! Our friend Aida was the one who encouraged us to make it into business. It seemed as though she had a vision (haha) that it will be a hit because it is so unique. So every payday, we buy some baking stuffs. It became an addiction to learn how to pipe other flowers and so we never stopped since. As much as we wanted to enroll into a cookery class, we didn’t have time as we both have other day jobs so we are completely self-taught. But this didn’t stop us to pursue our dream. The kind of designs that we do requires a lot of patience and passion..and most of all,LOVE. Hence, the birth of Queen of Hearts.

We just can’t stop. Everyday, we strive to learn new things, new designs, new ideas. And we will go on..and on.. and on! Oh by the way..We must mention (or warn you..).. Our cupcakes contain 100000kCal of love and have been known to induce euphoria”.