In one of the most fairytale like countries in the world a photo shoot took place.  Complete with a stunning silk red cape, a beautiful white dress and a shiny red apple this fairytale shoot comes to life in the heart of a Vancouver forest!  This is the story of a contemporary Snow White Bride, photographed by the frabjous Whitney Lane Photography.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

The drama created by this stunning red coat is so eye catching that it makes the photo jump to life!

This shoot took place in the same forest that they film the tv show ‘Once Upon a Time’. 

“In the heart of the rainforest in Deep Cove British Columbia, we brought our fairy tale inspired wedding to life. Inspired by the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White we used red velvet cupcakes,with lace holders, and candy apples to bring these stories to life. We used gold leaf on the bride`s eyes for a dramatic makeup effect and tied that into the cake pop`s as well”.

This is a stunning example of how you can incorporate ideas from your favourite theme or movies or even fairytales to create your wedding style.  Using those elements that stand out, helps to create the mood and set the scene for your big day.

This is a stunning shoot in a stunning location! But then again, I am biased, I do love Canada! 🙂

What do you think about a Snow White wedding or any other fairytale styled wedding theme?  Love them, or hate them?