It’s 9.56 pm Saturday night and I’m sitting on the couch, all snuggled up in my throw to keep Jack Frost away as I write this post. Hubby’s tucked up in my favourite chair and is watching a recording of Jonathon Ross nattering about Daniel Craig and bobbing his head like the Churchill dog which has left me with a mental picture of a mini Jonathon Ross in the back of my Rav bobbing away. Hmm, not sure I like that one. Anyway…

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back from my digress and on to this edition of Down The Lens, your guide to great photographers around the world.

Just a quick note about my DTL: the photographers showcased in my Down The Lens features are all selected by me. They are not submissions.  I select these wedding photographers because I believe they are outstanding in one way or another.  They are my personal choice governed by what I believe is great wedding photography.  Those I select are not selected because of being part of an ‘elite’ club or because they’ve won a ton of accolades.  Some are award winners, most are just great people doing great work and are chosen as they represent talent in their craft.

I literally google, a lot, {perks of my job :)} and look through dozens and dozens of wedding photography websites worldwide so that I can bring you awesome examples of wedding photography that is within your reach.

Down The Lens: your definitive guide to spectacular wedding photography

Today’s unique wedding photography showcase is by Julie Harris Photography and a huge congratulations goes out to Julie who gave birth to a widdle baby girl only two months ago {oh I’m getting clucky} :).  Because she’s so busy falling in love with her new role as Mummy, I didn’t want to disturb her by having her answer my usual, frabjous Q & A sesh so this Down The Lens for today will be a little different.

Today you get the eye-candy that is her photography and let me tell you, it is a stunning, visual showcase before you this morning.  I LOVE Julie’s style, I LOVE her imagery {sorry for the capitals but she so deserves them :)}.

I actually found it hard to choose the pictures to post because there are so many stunners, however after reading this post jump on over to her website and have a good look around because there are a lot of beautiful images of Brides and Groom and In-laws and friends all celebrating love! Oh, and send her a congratulations on becoming a Mummy 🙂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better example of a contemporary, traditional wedding photo.  It’s the very traditional, lineup and smile at the camera, kind of job, but when you look at it, it doesn’t look stiff, the people don’t look uncomfortable and they’re not standing there with that “oh god a camera” type grin on their faces.

Instead it’s almost as though the guys were already standing around chatting away and Julie’s simply said “Do you mind if I grab a shot of you guys” and they all naturally filtered into a line, happily smiled and Julie looked down the lens at the right moment and then clicked the shutter button.  Stunning!

Her images are a beautiful representation of marriage, of love and of weddings – they are so moody you feel like you were there.

Have you ever sat and looked through a friends wedding album and ooh and ahh’d – honestly!  Not just to be nice to your friend.  The kind of ooh and ash’s that made you tenderly reflect on her wedding as you turned each page.  And with each turn you were given yet another stunning image, whether it was of her in her stunning dress or Grandma on the dance floor – well this is they kind of album Julie presents.

When Julie’s up for it, I promise you I’ll add a Q and A sesh back to this post and let you know when it’s up.  But for now she’s tucked up enjoying life as a new Mum and it’s something that, having gone through it myself, I would never want to disturb those first few precious moments of getting to know your child, it’s too precious!!!

So I leave you to your morning cuppa and the rest of your day.  I’m off to spend time with Boo before she goes back to pre school tomorrow {:( so not ready for my little BF to leave me again}.  Have a frabjous day whatever you get up to!

P.S. Please do let me know what you think peeps.  Which photo/s are you’re favourite?  What do think of Julie’s style? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!