Today’s post is an absolute labour of love!!! I am so excited to introduce you to this but let me ask you this question first.  Have you heard of Fashion Wedding Photography?  If not, you’re in for a treat!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went up to London to The National Wedding Show on the prowl for unique, creative vendors, and I’m so glad I went.  I found my gem of the day, my icing-on-the-cake, I spotted something A-Mazing!!! And I was so excited.

Amongst a lot of super-talented creatives who had gathered for the day to show off their talent in the industry I spotted some photos on the wall of one of the booths, and I had to get a better look.  As I stood admiring the photographs I suddenly realised that what I was looking at was an idea I had fallen in love with since starting the wedding blog – combining fashion photography style photo shoots with wedding photography creating fashion wedding photography.

Let me rewind a couple of months just for a tick – I have loved photography ever since I bought my first Nikon SLR when I was 24, I’ve never done a course, I’ve just played and I do not profess to call myself a photographer by any means but I certainly know good photography when I see it – and I was standing in front of it at the wedding show.

Since starting my wedding blog and being in the wedding industry I’ve seen a heck-of-a-lot of eye-candy in the form of wedding photography but I’ve always felt there was something missing.  Something that I hadn’t found yet. Something that could offer a more creative flare to wedding photography.

Creating stars

Combining my absolute passion for fashion photography with wedding photography seemed to be a style that was missing until I came across Gordon McGowan’s wedding photography.  He was the first photographer I’d ever seen that had created what I had imagined in my mind and I was left wanting more, more more!!!

And then I went to The Wedding Show – and in front of me were some spectacular photos.  I instantly assumed that I was looking at fashion photography, faux-par on my account!!! Boy was I wrong.  When I asked if they were all from fashion shoots the response was “Oh no, they are ALL real brides” {I was in a jaw-dropping moment}, I couldn’t believe it.  The photos in front of me, some of which are down below, were spectacular and looked like they could’ve only been set up as they do in fashion shoots.

Down The Lens: your definitive guide to spectacular wedding photography

Slovakian based photographer Jan Plachy stole my heart that day with his work in fashion wedding photography: turning ‘real brides’ on their wedding day into fashion models on a fashion shoot only they’re in their dress, their wedding venue on their big day.  He is uber talented at this style of photography and I absolutely adore his work.

Basically, on your wedding day Jan very cleverly scopes out the environment, the atmosphere and with his creative genius helps you create spectacular photos that mimic a high styled fashion shoot.

Get ready for a few jaw-dropping moments…

This is my favourite.  Like a Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh shot

Down the Lens – Q & A Sesh!

When did you first start photographing weddings and how did it all begin?

I  started as a professional photographer almost 12 years ago. I work with my wife. I am the first photographer and Marianna is the second photographer.  Combination of being a couple (man and woman perspective) is the secret of our work, I think. The role of my wife is quite extended and is about taking care about of our brides, and to create a fun atmosphere and to communicate to the couples and most importantly, to make a relaxed atmosphere.  I concentrate on my photography.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Our style is bringing fashion look into wedding photography. Every bride would love to be a princess. Every bride loves fashion.

What would be the favourite wedding that you’ve photographed and why?

Our most favourite was last year, in 2011.  It was not so large a wedding, but couples with their mothers have been perfect.  First reason, we felt there as part of the family, not like photographers.  They were very polite.  Second reason was that a couples were normal, simple people.  They don’t play anything they were very candid from the heart. Third reason was smiling and laughing everywhere.  They bring the perfect atmosphere.

What would your advice be to Brides/Grooms when choosing a wedding photographer?

Our advise to couples regarding choosing a wedding photographer is that they should be very demanding for photographers.  Try not to make a choice regarding price but make a choice by heart, what they really love.  And they should meet the potential photographer face to face before they make a final decision.

The only thing that remains from your wedding are memories captured by the photographs.

As a huge admirer of fashion photography I am excited by this new style of photography that seems to be emerging.  For me, fashion photography and wedding photography are like strawberries are to chocolate: pure symmetry!  And it’s a photography style that I will be following with much anticipation.

If you want to include some posed, fashion style shots from your wedding day then seriously consider a Fashion Wedding photographer.  Like Jan, they have experience in fashion photography as well as wedding photography so you end up with an amazing mix of documentary styled photos of the day with posed fashion style shots of you and Hubby.  I love the concept and can’t wait for it to take off!

Frabjously stunning don’t you think?