Have you been Candy Crushed? I know I have. But have you thought about how that little ole game could influence your wedding: with those luscious colours and vibrant sweets that just want to make everyone smile!

Winter, Summer or Spring, no matter what your chosen season for the big D (that being your big day) Candy Crush has all the elements of a fun, sassy and exciting wedding theme. And today’s photo shoot is guaranteed to influence your sweet side. From the creative juices or should I say sweets of the award winning design studio that is Sealed With Appeal who create unique wedding stationery and all things lovely.

So sit back, relax with your cuppa and enjoy the beautiful sweet inspiration before you.

CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-01 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-02CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-04 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-13 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-14

Candy Crush wedding inspiration

There’s a good chance everybody knows about the game Candy Crush Saga. If they haven’t been playing it for countless hours, they likely know someone who has. We decided to take the vibrant familiarity of this phenomenon and mix it with the traditional elegance of a modern surprise bridal shower. Because our photo shoot was inspired by a game (that 50 million people are playing each day) we knew it would appeal to a large audience!

We didn’t want to create a completely literal translation of the game, but instead take different parts of the game and fluff them out. Some of the best styled photo shoots start by taking an idea many people have in common and playing off that. We knew it was time to create something bright, lavish, fun and unexpected for the bride who wants to stand out from the rest.

We want potential clients to think of their possibilities as limitless and together see what we come up with! We also hope to inspire brides, grooms and their guests to have fun with all of the aspects of their wedding- in this case even the events leading up to that special day.

CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-08 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-06 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-07 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-11

CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-03 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-16 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-15 CandyCrushWeddingShoot-AIW-05

Frabjous Creatives:

Sweet Photography: Andrew Kennedy Photography

Delicious Cake Artistry: Lynn Taddeo, Linacucina

Candied Hair & Makeup: Jillian Toppen, Gloss

Divine Floral Arrangements: Kelley Kennedy, Teacup Floral

Sugar Crush Stationery: Adger Rothwell, Sealed With Appeal

Sweet venue: Elissa Moss, River Ridge Golf Club