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how could I not!
  How could I not end a sublime week with an even more sublime photo shoot by Vogue.  And it’s all about Alice!

This shoot, published by Vogue Magazine US back in 2003 is one of my favourite all time photo shoots and was shot by one of my fav photographers Annie Leibovitz.  And as per the norm, she breaks tradition here.

The shoot has a stunning cast drawn from fashion’s best of the best and very fantastical designers such as Tom Ford as the White Rabbit, Donatella Versace as Gryphon, Rupert Everett (can you spot him) as Mock Turtle and Jean Paul Gaultier as the Cheshire Cat.

Whoever came up with this brilliant idea earns a place on the Alice In Weddingland Wall of Fame!  So grab your Skinny Latte or your Sunday morning Earl and let Vogue inspire your wedding…


Alice In Wonderland…


Through The Looking Glass starring Nicolas Ghesquiere


 The Caterpillar starring Marc Jacobs

Pig and Pepper starring Karl Largerfield


 The Cheshire Cat starring Jean Paul Gaultier


Down the Rabbit Hole starring Tom Ford


 Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee starring Viktor & Rolf


Curiouser and Curiouser starring Olivier Theyskens (Rochas)


The Mock Turtle’s Story starring Rupert Everett & Donatella Versace


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party starring Stephen Jones & Christian Lacroix


The Queen Of Hearts starring John Galliano

Ahh Haute Couture at it’s best… storytelling!