Once upon a time…after years of searching a young girl finally met her Prince Charming.  They spent every minute together, holidayed in beautiful places and introduced each other to their families.  Then one day Prince Charming got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

With kisses of excitement and a screaming “yes” the young girl immediately started imagining her wedding day.

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suddenly, she was lost.  She’d fallen down what seemed like a rabbit hole… “where do I start” she murmured.  “There is so much to do, what will it look like, where will it be”? she questioned as she slumped into her couch, her arm resting with her cuppa tea.  With a myriad of magazines to buy, the confusion of who to enlist for help and the thought of a beautiful wedding dress (would it be white or another colour) she turned to her laptop.

She needed inspiration, she needed guidance and she needed somewhere that would show her some of the spectacular details available that she may not otherwise find; those stunning, personal details that she could include in her fairytale wedding.Then…

… up popped Alice In Weddingland!

‘Inspiration for the Bride who wants to break tradition and tell her story.  From dresses, to venues, to table decor and theme planning.  Showcasing vendors and photography from around the world’.

She gasped, ‘really, all this in one place’ she thought and she let her fingers do the walking while she finished her cuppa tea.

So why did I create the Alice In Weddingland wedding blog?

The fairytale above was what I wrote down many months ago with the idea of Alice In Weddingland.  I wanted to create a wedding blog that would help Brides when they fell ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ that can be planning their wedding.  I want to showcase the amazing, the spectacular, the stunning products and creative services available to you because when I got married, I never knew any of these existed.

It’s my creative out leash, intertwined with my motivation and passion to help break the traditions that for so long have dictated how a wedding should be.  Now it’s all about you telling your story and I love that.  Your spectacular is created by your details and that makes such a personal, intimate memory.

{I have a really bad habit of poking my tongue out in photos, all in the name of being camera shy – If you can’t look good – look silly :)}

Creating my story, creating my family with my Mad Hatter and my mini-Alice!

My beautiful girl is my inspiration as she is my dream come true too! And being a Mum is a dream come true, something I never thought I would be, but now that I’m here, I’ve fallen in love.  

Just over a week ago I nervously shut my eyes, my index finger poised on the wordpress publish button and then pushed.  I published my first ever personal post about me, about my family and the inspiration behind my new found love – Alice In Weddingland!  It was a little nerve wracking at the time but your response via twitter, Facebook, on the post itself and via email left me speechless for a week.

Thank you to everyone who responded.  You touched my heart and have inspired me ten-fold!

As with every great Fairy Tale…

…they lived happily, ever, after!

A huge thank you to all my sponsors of the photo shoot, you were all so helpful and supportive.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting all about their frabjous wedding products or services so watch this space.