Have I got a treat for you today!!! And, the best part is this is the first of two posts dedicated to Alpine Image Co. and their spectacular imagery in the South Island of New Zealand. 

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photos below are breathtaking, both from a scenic point of view and from a photographic point of view and these are a perfect example of what you should expect from your wedding photographer; artistic yet natural, stunning and creative.  You know sometimes in life you want to find something new, something that gets you excited and these did it for me.

Photographed in the Alpines of Queenstown in New Zealand the following wedding photos of Rebecca and Marco will leave you in awe; wide-eyed, mouth agape, as they are simply breathtaking… there really is no other word for them.

This is the kind of wedding idea that makes spectacular memories… so fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride.

I love the colour of these photos, the moodiness from the skyline against the vast scape and I love how delicate and feminine Rebecca’s wedding dress looks against the hard rocky mountains.  This is spectacular wedding photography at it’s best.  A lot of care, attention to detail and creativity is how you produce these kinds of images and Alpine Image Co. manage it in every shot; all wrapped up in a little ball of talent, creativity and experience.

Jen from Alpine Image Co. talks about the company:

We are a small boutique wedding photography studio based in Wanaka, in the South Island of New Zealand.  We are a passionate team of 3 highly motivated, professional photographers and have retained our position as the most awarded photography studio in the area for the last 12 years.
Our photos have appeared in UK and Australian Vogue, and our work is regularly shown in New Zealand’s top wedding magazines. It is also held in both public and private collections around the world, most notably the Museum of London where a whole exhibition of our images are held in the archives.

Err hmm, did you get that? Unbelievable!  Their images are held in collections at the Museum of London – how amazing is that.  Although looking at them I’m not surprised.


Jen from Alpine Image Co. told us a little about the wedding in these pics of Rebecca and Marco…

The South Island of New Zealand is world renowned for its spectacular scenery and Queenstown, right at the heart of the Southern Alps is no exception. Often described as the ‘adventure capital’ of New Zealand… what better adventure than to come to Queenstown to tie the knot. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible mountains and lakes and we have some pretty fun means by which to access them too… via helicopter!

Rebecca and Marco are from western Australia, and made the trip over here earlier this year to tie the knot in our breath taking landscape. Planning a wedding from overseas can be tricky, but the wonderful Minnie at The Wedding Co made sure that everything ran smoothly for us. As always her planning was meticulous and the day went off without a hitch.

Their intimate ceremony was in Queenstown. Then, after it had all been made official, we flew by helicopter to a mountaintop high above Lake Wakitipu for some photos. The clouds were incredible that day from the remains of a storm the day before, and made for some breath-taking vistas…and there was just the right amount of wind to help Rebecca’s veil blow dramatically in the breeze.

 Now put yourself in these photos…

…Just imagine it, you get married down below and then get flown, just you and hubby (and one of the fabulous three from Alpine Image Co. of course) up to the top of the world for an incredibly spectacular (I’ve said that word three times already :-) romantic photo shoot.  And, in the Helicopter you get to wear one of those funky headphones and say  “over and out”  I’ve always wanted to do that.

And if your thinking “Oh, we’ve already booked our venue“, never fear, even if you have already organised your wedding back home here in the UK or wherever you are in the world, you could always honeymoon in NZ and stop off for the photo shoot of your lifetime with Alpine Image Co. That means you get to wear your wedding dress – AGAIN! (and the headphones).

It’s a great excuse to get all dressed up again and re-live your nuptials I say!!!

This is what you get from great photography and a spectacular location – a fairytale moment.

What I most love about the above photos is that Alpine Image Co. have managed to capture an entirely new emotion from the Bride and Groom.  Typical wedding photos normally capture that elated happiness from the couple; that absolute enjoyment and excitement as Husband and Wife but these photos are different… That wonderful contemplative moment that anybody would have in such a spectacular place has turned into a different kind of excitement for Rebecca and Marco, standing at the top of the world just after becoming Husband and Wife, they are content and exude a special kind of harmony.

These kinds of moments make the best kinds of memories just like these photos are for Rebecca and Marco.  It’s not just a spectacular place, it’s spectacular photography that combine with it to create fairytale images.  My advice, if you can – DO… plan something spectacular for your wedding, even after the date, so you can have memories like these.


P.S. To view more of their gorgeous wedding photography check out their Facebook page.