While a lot of people might not know their Star Wars from their Star Treks, other people are almost as passionate about these things as they are about their other half.

Some are such die-hard fans that they opt for sci-fi themed wedding cakes…and some are surprisingly sweet (and we’re not just talking about the taste).

My company provides catering equipment and furniture hire for weddings all over the UK, so we see a lot of weddings. In the past few years, we’ve noticed a growing trend for brilliantly unique wedding cake designs. Other outlandish designs can be found online from companies such as India Cakes.

More and more couples are saying no to tiers of white, and yes to sugary recreations of their favourite movie scenes and characters; and lots of them get their kicks from the world of science fiction.

Of course, while some are so committed to their fiction of choice that their cake winds up looking creepy (and not-too-appealing), others take a cue from their sci-fi inspirations but still manage to come up with something romantic or cute.

Here are five our favourites we found online at Allens Hire HQ:

1.  Doctor Who

Dr Who wedding cake

This sci-fi inspired wedding cake, by The Butter End Cakery, could almost be a regular floral, white cake; apart from the fact that the TARDIS has landed square on the top and discovered a pair of rampant dinosaurs at the bottom.

Instead of traditional cake toppers here, we get a pair of plucky explorers, popping their heads out of the telephone box, about to begin an adventure…just like the happy couple.


2. Daleks

Daleks wedding cake

They might be the scourge of the galaxy, but Doctor Who’s greatest enemies certainly scrub up well. A pair of usually terrifying Daleks are transformed into the cutest of wedding couples; complete with a tuxedo and wedding dress designed to match the real bride and groom.

Cute to the power of 10.

3.  Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters wedding cake

Marriage is all about team work, particularly when your wedding cake is under attack from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Fortunately, the happy couple are on hand to take the giant monster down before he does too much damage.

Now that’s love. Let’s just hope they don’t cross the streams.

This wedding cake is a great example of how a couple can create something which represents their personality and still turns heads for the right reasons.

4.  Alien vs. Predator

AVP wedding cake

Kudos to the team at Little Cherry Cake Company, who took one of the least romantic movies of all time, and managed to make this unbelievably sweet cake. The happy couple look positively lovely atop this cute and cartoonish cake.

It’s all quite at odds with their on screen personas, but then that’s what makes it so amazing. After all, who says these terrifying nightmares don’t deserve to find love too?

5. Stargate

Stargate wedding cake

Perhaps the most obscure movie reference on our list, we absolutely love the idea of a couple bonding over their mutual obsession of the Kurt Russell and James Spader starring action spectacular.

Again, like all the cakes on our list, this creation achieves an almost impossible amount of cute, despite its less-than-rose-tinted source material. It just goes to show that no matter what you’re passionate about, it’s possible to be individual and wholly, hopelessly romantic at the same time.

Surely that’s what the big day is all about.