It’s already day 5 of our 25 Days till Christmas countdown and this morning’s surprise is simply delicious! It’s that thing that provokes memories, excites the young and old and no matter who you are, we all love some kind of it. What do we have that’s unique and delicious today? Let them eat cake, of course!

Making an edible memory is what every wedding cake or Christmas cake is all about and The Cake Museums cake artist, Ida makes the most beautiful edible packages I’ve ever seen.

All Christmas lunches need to end with a cake, whether it’s full of fruit or oozing chocolate sauce, it doesn’t matter. Cakes are a celebration… Right, on that note, I’m off to ice my Christmas Cake. I’ve tried a new recipe this year and I have just under three weeks to wait until I can taste it. Fingers crossed.

thecakemuseum-uniqueweddingcakes-01 thecakemuseum-uniqueweddingcakes-02

thecakemuseum-uniqueweddingcakes-03 thecakemuseum-uniqueweddingcakes-04

Photos courtesy of The Cake Museum