High on the Christmas list is allllways couture! But it’s got to be beautiful, unique and scream style! That’s always my criteria, I’ve never been one to follow trends (check out my unique wedding dress that I wore for our 10yr Vow Renewal last year). And today’s Christmas wish list has some really pretty pretty! Brides… take a breath!!!


Mmm hmm. That bodice and a little black skirt and I’m off to my Christmas party!!

Modern wedding Couture by Kaska Hass

The maverick and quirky style of KASKA HASS is characterized by a refreshingly cheerful mix of haute couture fabrics and certified ecological fabrics brought to life by novel and original ideas. With a playful boldness to try out the unusual, the Berlin designer’s label brings together elegant and humorous style elements to create a unique and personal look. Contemporary Event Couture for grand events, designed for individualists looking for a unique and personal mélange of classic tradition and trendsetting lifestyle. The peak level of KASKA HASS COUTURE finishes with the modern wedding Outfit for her & him, him & him, her & her.

Vive la difference! VIVE la Couture ! VIVE LA NATURE !


Eclectically beautiful.

See the rest of this years Alice In Weddingland Christmas Wish list on the blog. We have loads of pretty things arriving.

What’s on your list?

Zarn xx