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becoming synonymous with unusual, extravagant chocolate cakes and in particular their very popular wedding cakes.  So, while down in the very windy Brighton on the weekend I dropped into the shop to see for myself what the hype was all about and to try one of their chocolate lips!  Well, the shop is popular! And rightly so.

Our favourite! Very Alice In Weddingland!

I couldn’t move in the shop for so many people were in the tiny little space that shows off their spectacular creations, and it was 4.45pm, not even the notorious busy lunch time period!

The shop window was my first experience and like their website it was fabulously stuffed with their unusual and eclectic cakes of all kinds including skulls and roses, birds, and a giant deer –  all with one thing in common – chocolate, and lots of it!

Inside was a menagerie of gothic, elegant, spectacular and adventurous creations all screaming Eat Me!  From cakes to shoes to lips and little birds to marshmallows dripping with chocolate.  Behind the counter stood an 8 year old statue of a lady made entirely out of chocolate.  She was spectacular!

Speaking to the lovely lady behind the counter about how busy they were she quickly replied “we used to be fairly busy before the TV show – now it’s just gone mad!”.  And, if you haven’t seen the TV show on The Good Food Channel yet, tune in for some ferverent, excited couples designing and watching their wedding cakes appear before them.

So far on the TV show I have seen a very romantic proposal utilising a “will you marry me” message on a cake in the shop window and plenty of wedding cakes on the big day.  I even saw the extremely extravagant but gorgeous (I’m jealous) love heart that was given to Dannii Minogue last year at the end of the X-Factor season.  This heart was very big and very pink and had a gothic swirl lovingly stuck on top with Danni’s name on it.

If your looking for some inspiration for unusual wedding cakes you must check out these gorgeously creative and scrumptious delights that make Choccywoccydoodah the stand out brand that they are today.  They make bespoke, unusual, creative, exciting and super delicious wedding cakes.

All photos from the Choccywoccydoodah website: please click on them for larger pics.

Oh, and congrats Choccywoccydoodah on your TV Show popularity and on the success of your shop.

Zarn ?