So Saturday morning a little package arrived from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment with the much anticipated ‘The Vow’ DVD all tucked away inside.  That evening Rob and I sat all cosy on the sofa, glass of wine in hand and crisps at our beck and call ready for what we expected to be a ‘nice’ movie.  Two hours later, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I loved this movie, a lot, lot more than I expected too!  I had no idea of the story line, no idea who Channing Tatum was and gobsmacked at both.  The Vow is the sort of movie you expect to be ‘a good movie’ but then after watching it you land in a place you never expected to be as you sit in the comfort of your home taking in your own environment, your own life and realising that’s it about time you got back in it!

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today, The Vow is inspired by true events, the romantic tale follows Paige (McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) after they survive a car accident that leaves Paige without any memory of the man she fell in love with or their marriage. It’s up to Leo to win back her heart… and her mind.  And thats’s just the beginning!!!

This movie caught me by surprise.  By no way is it a blockbuster in terms of billions of pounds spent on production or uber famous cast, instead it’s built on real events and a leading man that draws you into his pain, his fear and of the heartache that is losing his wife (remise I’m not spoiling anything) – and that’s what got me!  That’s what made this movie such an incredible treat to watch, to consume and to enjoy. And if you think it’s a chick flick – it’s not!  Get your man to sit beside you on the couch, snuggle in, enjoy the moment of watching a story unravel that will make you both crave being with each other a lot, lot more.  Whether your getting married or you’ve been married for ten years or more like us this movie makes you think about your relationship and how you want to love.

Channing Tatum is brilliant in it too.  He’ll have every woman wanting to cradle him in their arms and make his pain go away – or was that just me 🙂

It’s a teary movie, it’s an inspirational movie and it’s one you just shouldn’t miss!!!

I came away from this movie with a different perspective on perseverance and that ‘I’ll never give up’ attitude that we all seem to forget in times that are tough.  Only it’s not about the perseverance of an extreme sport and achieving that kind of goal and it’s not the perseverance of a dream like buying a home or  a holiday. This movie take us back to the rawness that is the most simple, most abundant yet one of the hardest things to preserve and not give up on – LOVE!!!

I’m in love again.  With life, with Rob and with myself.  This is why I’m a movie junkie: they always bring me back to reality!  How do they do that? 🙂


Get Paige’s wedding look

Now you can have Paige’s Bridal look from the movie and I’ll show you how to re-create it – the Channing Tatum lookalike on your arm is optional!

This look is girlie, fresh and natural:

The hair and makeup is fuss-free but still pretty; start by twisting and pinning random sections at the nape of the neck, pulling some tendrils free around the face to keep the look natural and care-free, and finish with a jewelled clip and a spritz of shine spray for touch-ably soft hair.

To re-create Paige’s smoky brown eyes, use a warm brown or taupe eye shadow with flecks of gold to prettify your peepers. Use a kohl eye pencil along your upper lashline – dark brown is softer and more flattering than black – staying as close to the natural lash line as possible, and finish with a curl-enhancing mascara for maximum flutter effect.

The rest of the make-up is light and dewy, with a pretty pink blusher for a hint of flush and rose-coloured lipstick to complement her sugared almond dress – choose one that has staying power but with lots of moisturisers for super-kissable lips, such as L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in 03 Lovely Rose, which gives a gorgeous lightweight veil of colour that really pops.

Her classic prom-style dress flatters all figures and will slim your waist and show off neck and shoulders; chiffon and ruching keeps the look soft and feminine and the floral applique on the skirt adds interest and is very Marc Jacobs S/S 2011.

There are plenty of similar styles available on the high-street, such as this one, only £90 from Lipsy:

A shorter veil is a fun option if you don’t want to be hindered by a long one, and Paige’s pale cotton candy colour is pretty without it being pink over-kill.

Choose nude or metallic strappy heels, such as these, £130 from Kurt Geiger:

Team with bare, lightly bronzed legs, and add a touch of highlighter down the centre of the leg to make them appear longer and slimmer. Finish off with some simple, delicate jewellery and you’re done!  Ready for your walk down the aisle.

The Giveaway – 5 BluRay DVD’s to win

And now the best part…

I have 5 hot-little-copies of the Bluray (so you can see Channing up colas and very personal) to giveaway!!! 5 lucky people will be enjoying this Saturday night with an inspirational, romantic and just simply beautiful movie.

All you have to do is follow the link at the bottom of the post and go to our Facebook page and answer the really easy question.

Winners will be chosen at random at the end of tomorrow.

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