Jewellery is something that makes the girl, that’s what my Grandma used to say. “When you add one spectacular piece to an outfit, you suddenly change how you feel” and so began my love affair with jewellery. I am a total Rose Gold addict but what I absolutely adore is the unique! And I literally leapt out of my sofa while watching Nashville, you know the fab country singing all dancing American TV show, and on it was the most beautifully delicate, exquisitely unique necklace I have ever seen. And lucky for me it was in the shape of my current obsession… Antlers. What is it with me and Antlers? I need to ponder that. Or maybe not 🙂

I now have my very own ‘famous’ necklase (insert massively over excited cheek hurting smile) and so can you. Padgett, the beautifully creative designer behind the stunner describes it below…

“This Gold Antler Necklace is the perfect everyday piece. I created it with the resort community in mind, but it turns out it has universal appeal. Rustic yet refined, chic and eye catching – this will become your favorite necklace. It has been used in many weddings as bridesmaids jewelry, as well as on the bride herself.
It is 17” inches long. You have a choice of chains – you can have Gold Plate for $36.00, 14K Gold Fill for $54.00 and a solid 14K gold chain for $100. The antler charm will remain Gold Plate”.

Not just for Bridesmaids I say. I absolutely adore it. I wear it most days and it has somehow defined me in an unique way that jewellery can do.

Check out Padgett’s website to see more of her stunning, unique designs and grab yourself what I have been so lucky to get “love around my neck”. And if you love unique jewellery, check out promotional offers for more jewellery finds.

Have a great day folks.



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