Ok, so your’re engaged, you’ve chosen your venue, you’ve even written a sketchy invitation list. You’re pretty confident you’ve found your dress: just one more try on and then decision made, you’ve booked the grooms suit and chosen the Bridesmaids dresses. Now you’ve got more than 6 months to sit back, relax and wait for the big day to happen right?

Wrong!!! Don’t do it!!! DO NOT RELAX!!! Please!!!

You’ve forgotten the most important decision of your wedding! Believe me, you have to focus on the biggest decision of your wedding day that is – your photographer! Don’t take the decision lightly because you’ll end up with awful photos that will embarrass you to put on your wall at home, or if you’re thinking Uncle Jimmy will do it, he loves photography and has some really good shots, DON’T DO IT!!! There is a really, really important reason for this too.

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deserve to look back on your day with excitement and smile at your photos and you deserve to get giddily happy over your photos because you both look STUNNING!

Capture the glamour that is your wedding

Picture this… that posed photo of you two looks like something from a photo shoot doesn’t it, remember when the two of you stole those few moments together on your big day, away from all your guests. The picture says it all! And, look how incredibly happy all your guests are, you’re photographer has captured the intimate essence that was your wedding day… right, that’s because you made a good decision.

Can you see the picture I’m trying to portray! It’s a picture I don’t know because we put very little thought, decision and choice into it, because we thought, the first photographer we saw seemed good? He’s a photographer, he’s done it for years, they’re all the same right? WRONG!! His photos in the album he showed us were lovely – ours will be too right! Ours were dreadful!

Cheapest Ain’t Cheerful’

We chose his cheapest package and we got his cheapest work. £200 it costs us and I dearly wish that we could have spent £2000. Looking back now, I would easily forfeit other parts of our wedding day to ensure we had the budget.

And this is why I created my Down The Lens feature on the wedding blog, because it helps you check out some pretty amazing eye-candy from around the globe and of course, it introduces you to all the different styles of photos you two can have adorning your wall, so proudly, where family, friends and you’re children can see it.

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Down The Lens:

Your definitive guide to spectacular wedding photography

Today’s showcase is from a dynamic husband and wife team who are also turning wedding photography into fine art. If you haven’t seen this sort of wedding photography yet then once you’ve finished reading this post, check out my previous post by the amazing Jan Plachy who turns Brides into models on their wedding day.

Now for the dynamic duo, meet Monika and Konrad (team Wasylewski) below…

These guys are creating a storm with their frabjous attitudes and wickedly creative personalities and yes, Konrad really is a surgeon by day (oh, and night) and Monika is lead photographer, artist and glamour extroadinaire!!! Together they create glamour and documentary type stories through their lenses.

There’s an old saying of mine: those who can tell a story, make a story and a photographer needs to be first and foremost a storyteller, because it’s the intimate understanding of what makes a story great that creates a great story and Konrad’s story of how he and Monika’s photographic journey began, tells a great story!!!

When did you first start photographing weddings and how did it all begin ?

We are a husband and wife team. Monika has Master of Fine Arts and has been working on mostly artistic photography projects since the 90’s. I’m an actively working trauma surgeon, emergency doctor and orthopedist – photography is my passion for about 8 years and i assist Monika as the second shooter as often as i can. We probably started as most wedding photographers, friends asked us to shoot their wedding and they were more then satisfied with the result. Since 2005 we shot over 200 weddings all over and outside of Europe, including Monaco, Cyprus, Tunisia and many more. Most of our weddings come from recommendations now.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Glamour and Documentary Wedding Photography” – that’s our slogan. We document the reality as it happens, we show the emotions, we show the crazy moments, but we show our customers always from the best side and it’s not because of blurring in Photoshop. In fact we don’t use much post-processing. We use the available light and behave like hunters looking for prey, for the perfect shot. Always concentrated, most of the time invisible while assimilating into the wedding party and small-talking. 🙂

What would be the favourite wedding that you’ve photographed and why?

It’s a very hard question but one of the best weddings was that of Amelie and Mike from Brussels. Can you imagine over 100 guests coming from all over the world to a 5* chalet hotel in French Alps, a very romantic ceremony on a mountain with Mt Blanc in the background, and a crazy wedding reception. Plus: our couple, all the friends and family were very friendly, kind, sympathetic to us. Beautiful wedding, people, places, details.

This is my favourite shot – I can start to make pretty good guesses as to who these people are and what their personalities are like. It has great attitude!!!

What would your advice be to Brides/Grooms when choosing a wedding photographer?

Only photos and film will be left from your wedding in 20, 30, 40 years. Because of that choose wisely and let not the price be your priority. Ask the photographer for examples of complete wedding galleries, not only the best shots. 3000 similar photos will not make you more happy then 300 really good shots which tell the story of the day.

Check out Wasylewski’s world to see more of their glamour, documentary styled wedding photos.

I am a huge fan of glamour/fashion styled wedding photography. It takes it to a whole new and frabjously exciting level and creates the kind of unique wedding photography that gets me giggling with excitement. It just breaks my heart that this sort of creative photography wasn’t around when Rob & I got married and, back to my point at the beginning of the post…

Make it your priority to think about, research, chat about, ask about and choose your wedding photographer. Think about the kinds of photos you want on your wall. I for one would love a fun, creative shot in my lounge room and a sexy, intimate moment shared on the wedding day, in my boudoir!!!

So go for it, create your history and have a hell of a lot of fun on your wedding day. Your photographer’s not just there to blend into the background and take awesome documentary style photos – chat to them and get creative, at least with a few of the shots: away from the crowd, just the two of you posing and having a blast!