I hit a rough point last week when I realised that for the last few weeks I’ve spent more time with my MacBook, than with my daughter and I jolly-well missed her!!!  Inf act, I felt like a horrible, miserable, nasty ol’ Mummy.  This blogging gig is robbing me of my life!

I felt like I was failing at the one job that I absolutely love the most, the one job that never fails to put a smile on my face and instead I’d stared at an apple, of one kind or another be it the iPad or the Mac for far – too – long!!!

Photo by Andrew Billington

As a blogger I really, honestly, hand on heart had no idea how much time social media would consume.  In the beginning I had to learn about twitter and although I’d used Facebook personally, owning a page is a bit of an art.

You see, it’s not just a simple matter of posting a link to my latest blog post up there, I’d get darn-well bored with that if I was a fan of my own page… it’s like any relationship, you need to nurture it, get to know each other, give and then finally you get to take in the form of new friendships and business acquaintances that somehow grow from nothing to something very quickly.

Photo by Ian Johnson

Now I’m not a twitter junky, neither a Facebook fanatic but both of them now play more than just an important business role in my life.  I have friends on there, people I would otherwise have never met and it’s important to me to interact and get to know you better. And twitter, although I began with a love-hate relationship with it all those many months ago, I love it now.  I have made so many new contacts via twitter that it’s become a nurtured gateway for me to extend my hand in friendship and to receive it back from so many wonderful people, not to mention the amount of amazing vendors and suppliers I’ve been introduced to thanks to twitter’s many feathers 🙂

But this week I was hit by a social media tidal wave and it almost knocked me over.  It was consuming so much of my time that I suddenly found myself on Guilty St when it came to parenting: too much TV, far too little conversation (which my daughter and I have endless amounts of) and now, my little bean who seems to be changing every time I blink, hadn’t had anywhere near enough Mummy time and she was feeling the brunt of my impatience.

It had to change…

One thing I’ve never been crash-hot on is Time Management.  Although I’m never late:) – organising my time is another matter and blogging has a tendency of priority when it comes to Time Management and I was sinking in the Time management ocean – sinking to the silty sands of time below!

Time for a change (pardon the punn).

So last week, I was a little quiet on twitter and I was a little quiet on my Facebook page because I needed to give myself a mental break from Social media and get my inner Will Smith back and get jiggy with my Time Management.

Bizarrely enough, I’m an amazing organiser!!! Beats me though, organising time should be easy right? Hmm!!!  But onward and upward, I’ve got a new clock (not literally) and a new fan dangled calendar on my MacBook to attempt to keep me more time functional 🙂  I’m armed and dangerous so they say 🙂

So watch the enormity that is the social media space for my return and do drop me a line, I love connecting!!!

I’m one of those people who loves to soak up information so if you have any tips & tricks on how you use twitter and Facebook, let me be your sponge and leave me a comment!!!

Have a super-sunny-Sunday.



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