Hold on to your cloche, you’re in for a 20’s spectacular.

I only have two words for Spanish Designer Yolan Cris’s 2011 Wedding Collection; Absolutely Divine! And I especially love the Revival Vintage Collection.

If you’re a flapper or if you know what a flapper is then this collection is definitely for you.  Yolan’s attention to detail and understanding of the 20’s woman is clearly depicted throughout the entire collection of wedding dresses.  The mixture of materials such as old chantilly, the godette tulle, and fringes give this collection a special grandeur.

To be honest, I was drooling over the Alquimia Collection first until I spotted the Revival Vintage Collection.  I had such a hard time choosing which collection to write about but the 20’s Revival Vintage won it for me. (You can have a sneak peek at the end of the post at one of the dresses in the Alquimia Collection).

I discovered Yolan Cris while thumbing through the pages of the latest Cosmo Brides magazine (just one part of my job that I’m so lucky enough to have to do).  Sometimes lots of unique and wonderful ideas leap out of just one magazine but other times you can have months when you’d be lucky enough to find one or two ideas that haven’t been repeated for the trillionth time.  This morning was one of those times where the pages seemed like an endless desert of uninspired ‘stuff ‘ until finally I flipped a page and there before me was a picture of a Vintage Wedding Dress from Yolan Cris’s Alquimia Collection.  It’s breathtaking (see the sneak peek below).

However I won’t ‘yabba-on’ anymore, instead may I suggest a nice, slow browse at the photos below over a cuppa. I am going to go and grab myself another cuppa tea and drown myself in the collection again…happy swimming Chickadees.

I’ve never encountered such beautiful, dainty lace work in a bridal couturier’s collection before.

The sensual silhouettes and sumptuous details add depth to all the dresses in the collection and it makes it so hard to pick a favourite.   The dresses, the details like the models hair colour, the choice of headwear and the deep rich backgrounds of the photoshoot makes this a standout favourite collection of mine for this year.

Oh me, oh my!!!

And for the sneak peak of the pic that captured my oh so wandering attention.

I want to know what you think?  What do you like, what do you hate?  Please tell us using the comments box below.

Update: Dec 2011 – The Yolan Cris 2012 Collcection is simply stunning, vintage, bohemian and contemporary mixed with lace, macrame and crochet.

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