Rob and I have spent the last year building AIW from the ground up, literally, and in a really short time, the blog has become really popular and now has a reputation like some of the UK’s biggest blogs that have been around for a couple of years or more. So how did we get there?

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that’s part of what we want to show you and today we’re launching our first course in our Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series and I’m sooo excited. The thought that I might meet you guys, have a cuppa tea with you guys and help you and your business makes us so excited.

But first

Our courses are not about how to run a blog! They’re about how to run your business. We’re starting at the core too by building only the foundations you really need to worry about and giving you the important tools, the ones you really need because working for yourself is really hard, you’ve got to be more than the creator, you have to be boss, social media marketing, accountant, PR… all of them and this takes up so much time. But we’ve found what works and what doesn’t, what matters and what really should be put aside and we’re starting with what in our experience is one of the most crucial elements to building any small business today… your social media. Because people don’t pick up the Yellow Pages any more so it’s really is important you focus on this as your main marketing stream.

And Facebook is the Daddy of them all. We’ve tested, experimented, played and watched and we’ve found a few little secrets to Facebook and other social media forms that we want to teach you.

And in just 15 minutes a day, seriously, in just 15 minutes a day you’ll be able to create social media marketing strategies in Facebook that will bring you more customers!!!

Why us?

Rob’s background is in personal development and training. He’s a master at something called NLP: understanding how the mind works, and understanding what makes people tick. He’s also a technical marvel, give him anything, I mean anything, and he can very quickly pick it apart and understand how it works, be it a bike, the power of the mind or social media. He’s brilliant at anything computer and designery too (who’s a lucky gal) 😉 and he’s spent a lot of time designing websites on multiple platforms for himself and previous clients.

Me, I’m the more arty farty one, and I’m also really perceptive, not much gets by me so I have really uncanny knack of understanding people and situations, that’s why rob hates watching CSI with me, I always figure out who did it and always, accidentally, blurt it out 🙂 And we both love helping people. Our previous careers have all been about helping people, we love it, we really do.

In February this year we went up to the National Wedding Show and spoke to many wonderful wedding vendors. But they all had one common question when they met me… “How did you get so big so quick” and my first response was “passion, and social media”… so many of them needed help with their business from website design through to social media and we have those skills. We have the ability to help you guys succeed and we both came away, so incredibly excited to think we could help and so Mad Hatters Academy was born: designed to help build your wedding business because we can! And we’re the first and only in the UK to be doing what we’re doing!

We love what you do and we want to help you grow your business too.  We understand what it means to be a creative but at the same time have to be the boss, the accountant, the secrertary and pr… It’s tough, but you’ve got to do it and we want to show you how easy really is.

Understanding the small stuff is what creates the big stuff

Understanding the small stuff is what makes the great even greater. We want to create a hub of really cool stuff that you can get your hands on to help build your business and Facebook should be the core online marketing platform for your business. And from what we’ve seen, 90% of wedding businesses are not using Facebook properly, even the biggest companies aren’t using Facebooks most crucial elements.

We’ve spent the last two years unravelling the ins and outs of online marketing and social media in order to grow our own businesses and are just so keen to get out there, meet you and pass on what we know, starting with … *claps hands  with excitement* this course…

How To Win Fans And Influence People

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Learn how easy it is to use Facebook


I hope we’ll see you here, at our place. I promise, you’ll come away with that – wow, that’s awesome feeling or we’ll give you your money back! 🙂

We are so excited! The kettles on, so we hope you join us on the 2 October for some jam packed fun.

To book simply click this link: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff or email me for more info.