When you choose your wedding photographer you’re not just buying a service, your buying your legacy.  That’s why your decision needs to be well thought out, well discussed and well researched.  And if you want your wedding photos to tell your story choosing Documentary Wedding Photography will reflect exactly that.

The two approaches to wedding photography that are primarily used today are traditional and documentary (or reportage) photography.  The former being classically posed images vs. the latter; candid, unposed images.  What  is so important for you when choosing your wedding photographer is to think about the style of images you love the most and choose that style because any good photographer will be able to capture elements of both styles but they’ll be far better at one of them.

For example, just because you’ve chosen a Documentary Wedding Photographer doesn’t mean you can’t ask them to take some traditionally posed images such as the family shots. And a traditional wedding photographer will also be able to capture candid shots if you want a few – but go for the type of photography you love best!  And for me that decision would be easy – Documentary Wedding Photography! 🙂

Documentary Wedding Photography for me is where my heart lies.  It is unobtrusive, it is natural {I hate cheesy posing} and it captures emotions.  Documentary wedding photography uses a distinctly artistic vision towards wedding photography rather than traditional photography and it captures those moments, those emotions and memories that remain true to your day and true to your story.

British Wedding Photographer Kevin Mullins is, in my opinion an expert at telling the story of your wedding.  He will even capture emotion from your wedding dress.  Now if I’m correct, your wedding dress doesn’t have feelings right?  Bare with me, you’ll see what I mean when you cast your eyes on the close up of the wedding dress train below; you almost feel like you placed the dress there and let it hang, waiting with excitement.

Documentary Wedding Photography

I spotlighted Kevin a while ago in a post introducing my readers to Documentary Wedding Photography.  I’d stumbled upon a photo Kevin took of a Bride and Groom at the altar which left me quite emotional {I am a sucker for romance as you know}.  While looking at the photograph, I felt what they were feeling – and this is exactly what Documentary Wedding Photography will do for you when you look back years later on your wedding photos.

Your legacy, Your story, Your Emotions.

 Documentary wedding photography photos by Kevin Mullins

Oooh I love, love, love, love {and quite a few more loves} this photo above.

The photo below is the one I talked about earlier.  Do you feel it too? It has such an impact!

I asked Kevin what would be the best piece of advice you’d give a couple trying to decide between traditional and documentary wedding photography:

Kevin:  “Remember it’s YOU’RE wedding.  Not your parents, but YOU’RE wedding.  If you want an accurate and sympathetic record of your wedding day, documented with pictures, then you need a style of photographer that will blend in, get to the core of the day and not orchestrate, dictate or direct you or your friends in any way”.

Kevin then added that quite often he will direct potential clients who, upon reflection, really want some “traditional” photography to other photographers.  And this mirrors what I mentioned above; think about the style of photography you love the most and choose that, but don’t be afraid to ask for a few additional extras if you do want a couple of photos in a different style of photography.

And {jumping with joy}, I am so pleased to say that because I couldn’t select just a few photos from Kevin’s selection that he sent me, I will be showcasing more amazing Documentary Wedding Photography from Kevin Mullins in Part 2 next week.  So stay tuned! Yay-hay!!!!!!



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