I‘ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with a big bunch of balloons.  Why? I have no idea, I just do.  I think it would be fun, the photos, if the right colour balloons are chosen with the outfit would be stunning and as a prop there is so much you can do with them and this stunning, personality packed Engagement shoot does just that.

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by Chrissy Lynn Photography up on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County in California at sunset ‘the golden hour’ as Chrissy says, this is just a very pretty photo shoot with gorgeous Bride2B and Groom2B, a stunning dress and beautiful red balloons.

From Chrissy:

“I’ve always wanted to photograph a lovely couple up on Mount Tamalpais during the golden hour. After meeting Casandra Filger and Mitch Robinson, I knew they were the ones. They’re fun – SUPER in love, really easy to collaborate with, both play guitar, LOVE the Bay Area -the beaches, hilltops, beautiful weather [most of the time]. They’re wedding is going have an old world Spanish theme to it- black, white and red. So I thought a dozen big red balloons, two guitars, a bunch of roses and two beautiful, fun-loving people – I’m inspired!

We rolled up to Stinson Beach dressed a little formal with the balloons and had a blast! It was windy and beating us up, but we really worked with it. Then we drove up to the tippity top of Mount Tam-which is a guaranteed queezy tummy, so once we arrived, we laid down the blanket and flowers and enjoyed the view. It didn’t long for the music bug to bite, and Cas and Mitch started playing their guitars and dancing around. Was very fun, and VERY much looking forward to shooting their wedding in October.

All photos are by myself Chrissy Lynn, Lovebirds Photography. Wardrobe is from Casandra’s closet. Makeup & hair also by Cas. Styling, props by myself, Chrissy Lynn and Ashley Roberts”

So what do you think about using balloons in your photo shoot.  What about on your wedding day, ahh, now there’s a thought, you could let them go together after you’re married (oooh I’m getting all romantic-n-all) 🙂 Would you use balloons? And how would you use them?