When it comes to your wedding it’s the little things that make all the difference. It’s these finishing touches that can give the entire event a lift, making it a night that your guests will remember for the rest of their lives. If your wedding feels a little incomplete, these ideas may help.

1. Have an After Dinner Tipple

If you really want to “brand” your wedding there’s nothing better than hiring a few waiters to walk around and serve your favorite after-dinner drink. Remember to choose a beverage that’s both distinctive and universal.

2. Scent Your Napkins

Your wedding should stimulate all the senses. Spray the insides of your napkins with a little lavender oil to fill your dining area with a sweet aroma before the food is served.

3. Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can eat up a hefty portion of your budget. If spending hundreds of pounds on a fancy cake seems a little too much, bake your own. Alternatively you could buy a pre-iced cake from a decent supermarket such as Waitrose and decorate it yourself.


Photo by Olivia Shaw

4. Make Personalized Games

Make your own personalized crossword puzzles and word search games to leave on the tables. Fill them with little facts about you, your partner and your guests.

5. Order Some Midnight Treats

No doubt your wedding will go on into the early hours. While your guests will be well-fed, they’ll almost certainly get a little peckish towards the end of the night. This can be a great time to bring out a few treats, such as mini ice cream pots or a toast station.

6. Have a Fingerprint Tree

Guest books are traditional and charming, but if you’re looking for something a little more original, a fingerprint tree could be an option. Leave some paints by an image of a tree and get your guests to leave “fingerprint leaves” on the branches.

Photo: Tom Hall

Photo: Tom Hall

7. Decorate Your Candles

Don’t settle for bland candles. Decorate them with ribbon, glitter or anything that’ll make them a little more pleasing on the eye. But be sure to keep them with the theme of your wedding!

8. Name Your Tables

With friends and family from both sides of the family forming separate groups, enticing everyone to break the ice can be a challenge. Give your tables a name that expresses your personality – such as film or album titles – to give your guests something to talk about.

9. Build a DIY Photo Booth

You don’t have to hire a proper photo booth to have a nice backdrop for pictures. Build your own in a pop up tent and leave a Polaroid camera nearby for your guests to use throughout the night.

10. Hire a Caricature Artist

Everybody loves a good caricature artist. An exaggerated drawing will both compliment and offend, providing a memorable memento for everyone 🙂

Don’t be afraid to do something a little unconventional. Try to express your personality and think outside the box. It’s the odd ideas that’ll make your wedding unique and it’s something that a wedding planner will help you with.

Featured image by the brilliant Ky Lu (B Captured)