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always wanted to shout that out.
 This spectacular alternative, brilliantly unique wedding was shot on board the USS Alabama battleship! How – cool – is – that? What a location!!! And the photographs say it all. With my favourite colour combo of black, white and red this wedding is gorgeous!

Right through to Ambers wicked tattoos being shown off by her stunning wedding dress choice and the amazing photos in and around the ship, this unique wedding is stunning, original and brilliantly offbeat in a very clever, simple, subtle way. By using a beautifully unique location like a battleship and combining it with strong colours and feminine details this wedding is one of my favourites so far.  With a Bride who knows how to pose to a wedding dress that comes to life with movement, I love, love, LOVE this wedding.  And, it has an alternative altar!

Love this shot!!! (above)

And for those who want more…

The real wedding gallery

From the photographer:

Amber and Christo are an offbeat couple…. Amber is a huge fan of pinup style, so she based her wedding around this and chose a battleship as the backdrop of her wedding. The bridesmaids wore black. She told me “I guess someone told me wearing black is bad luck in the south” but she laughed it off. The weather was questionable that day but the rain held off, the wind was very strong but Christo and Amber still enjoyed their dream wedding!

Frabjous Creatives:

Photography:  Oeil Photography
Event Planner:  Rogue Events LLC
Floral Designer:  Plant and FLower Boutique
Event Venue:  USS Alabama
I love weddings oozing with personality and by making it your own, your uniqueness is what packs the punch. You don’t have to go OTT in the alternative sphere to have a unique wedding, you just have to inject the ‘YOU’ into unique and your day will be from the heart, from the soul and from the mind of the two of you and its this that your guests will remember and its this that will form your legacy!  Planning your wedding should be fun too so try not to put pressure on performing for others or doing it the way you think others will love it, create your day your way and everyone else will become part of your story!
Would you hold your wedding on a boat? Or maybe another really unique location? I can think of some really crazy locations to get married, how about you?