So apparently it’s unlucky if it rains on your wedding day right?  Well, superstitious or not, at the end of they day, living in the UK and other wetter countries than my homeland Australia, the risk of rain is much higher so it’s a great idea to incorporate beautiful wedding umbrellas into your styling so that nothing gets ruined.  However, what happens if it snows, or if your wedding cars don’t turn up, or if the Bride accidentally swallows her engagement ring (apparently  true story).  What do you do?  Wedding Insurance may be just the thing for some people and now the high street UK store John Lewis offer just that.  I have to admit, here in the UK, it is most definitely something I would consider as the chances of weather incidences is far greater than back home in OZ.

Introducing today’s sponsor, John Lewis Wedding Insurance…

If the wedding is the biggest day of your life, besides giving birth to wedding dress train can add a real sense of occasion to a wedding dress. It can, however, increase the risk of damage to your wedding dress as it only takes one careless guest to step on your wedding dress or spill red wine on your train for your wedding dress to be ruined.

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insurance can protect your wedding dress and wedding dress train. If you have to make a claim on your wedding insurance for your wedding dress, your wedding insurance provider may deduct an amount to reflect previous wear and tear of the dress, if it was owned or hired beforehand. You may also find that a claim for theft or attempted theft of your wedding dress may only be valid if there has been visible forced entry and your wedding dress was kept in a locked boot of a motor vehicle, hidden from view at the time. If you are concerned about what might be covered for your wedding dress, you should speak to your wedding insurance provider.

Wedding Insurance and Wedding Dress Trains

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress train was reasonably short at 6ft, especially since Princess Diana’s wedding train was over four times the length at 25 ft. You don’t need to have a train this long to make an impact!

A train of material on your wedding dress could put your dress more at risk of damage, since the dress will become more expensive, more difficult to handle and also at a greater risk of having accidental damage. Some wedding dresses have an internal hook specifically for this reason, so the bride can tuck away her formal wedding gown train once the wedding ceremony is over – this leaves her free to dance the night away and socialise at the reception without fearing for the safety of her dress.

You may consider having a calf length or knee-length dress to avoid the whole problem of trains in the first place. Some wedding dresses may even have detachable trains, so you can make a sweeping impression down the aisle, and then cut loose for the after party!

However you design your wedding dress, and whether or not it has a train, you will want to consider taking out a wedding insurance policy which covers your wedding dress at the correct value. A wedding dress should make you look and feel special, and you will also look and feel relaxed if you know your wedding dress is protected by good wedding insurance too.

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