Wedding planning is a long and sometimes gruelling process, especially without a wedding planner. When the day comes to celebrate the union of you and your loved one, with the sheer level of planning involved it’ll hardly be surprising if you forget something. Unless you’ve opted for full hair and makeup, it’s all too easy to overlook the importance of grooming… but what exactly does this entail?


Male grooming is a somewhat ambiguous term that essentially means, “The minimalistic approach to hair a makeup”. Generally speaking, cosmetics may be used, but they’re by no means a necessity. Emphasis usually revolves around leveling out skin tones or using bronzer to define certain features of the face. As for the hair, shine sprays and mousse may be applied to give it a more healthy appearance. Fundamentally, the process of male grooming isn’t to “change” your appearance, but to enhance your best features.

Will Grooming Make a Difference?

Of course it will! People may not notice a huge difference upon a glance, but you’ll certainly have a more polished and tidier look upon inspection. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Have you ever wondered why actors always seem to look great on camera? Believe it or not they’re not all naturally tanned, with perfect skin and chiseled jawlines; behind the scenes you can be damn sure that they’ll have a team of hair and makeup artist’s at the helm.

When you’re standing in front of the camera after tying the knot you’ll want to be looking your very best. Not like a caricature of yourself, but a smart and polished “version” that you’ll be proud to remember. Grooming helps you achieve just that.


Photo by Paul Mockford

Won’t the Products Go Everywhere?

To a certain extent, yes they will, but not nearly as much as you may think. You’ll look at your absolute best straight after any hair products or makeup has been applied; however, you can also apply specialist spray that’s sweat and tear proof, which will leave you looking fresh all day and night. In fact, the effects are so minimal that nobody will even notice a difference, and since it’ll be the most important day of your life, you probably won’t care anyway. Besides, there’s nothing a quick trip to the bathroom can’t fix.

Got any Tips?

Shaving is without a doubt the trickiest aspect of grooming. If you’re going for the clean look make sure you use lubricating shaving gel rather than cream or hot water. This will minimize the risk of shaving bumps – the last thing you need on your wedding day is an irritating itch.

Remember that the barber won’t be able to solve all of your problems, so don’t be afraid to visit the doctor if you’re having serious worries. Weather you have an acne breakout or perspiration problem, they’ll be able to help.

Hopefully this article has answered all of your questions about male grooming for weddings. There’s no need to worry. Grooming is easy when you know what you’re doing, so get in a little practice beforehand and you’ll no doubt look and feel better than ever when the time finally comes.