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this week all about who you choose as your Maid of Honour?  And I’d love to continue it here and get your input.

The question:  Who do you choose: your sister or your Best Friend?  And how do you tell the other person that they’re not your Maid of Honor?

This is a questions that haunted me for a long time before my wedding, having a ‘bestie’ who I adored and 4 sisters and only two Bridesmaids, it was a really hard decision for me and I didn’t like having to choose at all.

Beautiful bridesmaids photo: Natalie Moser

Who have you chosen/would you chose?  Join the debate and leave your comments below.  It’s a really important question because like me, some of us have a hard decision to make and hearts to break at the end of it and it can be so, terribly stressful.


P.S.  Feature post image:  Julie Harris Photography