Creative chaos has ruled our house this week with a myriad of ideas and projects starting and finishing from Alice to The Mad Hatter, to DIY projects and knitting; and I think I’ve been inspired by Disney.

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see for the last week or two Boo Bear and I have been busy singing Disney tunes, constantly!  And I mean constantly and I keep getting a little excited shriek from Boo every time one of my favourite tunes comes on, like Bibidy Bobbidi Boo, or of course, The Unbirthday Song from Alice In Wonderland. “Mummy! Mummy!  It’s your favourite sonn” she says “come and sing” and we do, and we dance, as much as my rhythmic feet will let me. And we chat about Disney this and Disney that.  And I think the soundtracks have given me a much needed creative mood enhancer 🙂

I have almost finished my sparkly Media Pack {so excited, it’s been a labour of love}.  And, I’ve been plugging away at Pinterest adding lots of fabulous unique wedding ideas from the Alice In Weddingland wedding blog and all over the Pinterest arena: I get so easily lost in time when I’m on Pinterest, I love it!

Among my Alice In Weddingland Pinterest Boards you’ll find wedding stuff, fashion stuff, people who inspire me kind of stuff, where I’d like to be right now stuff, shoe stuff, I love stuff and of course Alice in Wonderland stuff… I think you probably already know all about Pinterest so I’ll stop going on about stuff 🙂  Do check it out and leave me some notes on the pins! Help me redefine my style, ’cause that’s what my last 4 years have been about!

And I’ve been trawling the internet finding some frabjous goodies to show you like this:

I can’t tell you who they’re from as there is a wonderful post coming up all about them 🙂

And of course today {yay, so excited} I’m off to my first ever Press event, The National Wedding Show, to check out all the gorgeous wedding ideas and hopefully meet some frabjous people in the industry.  I actually get to share around my frabjous brand-new-shiny {literally} business cards that were delivered two days ago… what do you think? Different?

and it even has a be-hind… 🙂

Have you ever seen a black business card before?  I’m actually ridiculously happy with it 🙂

Stationery makes me so happy!!!

We’ll be going to the Chambord cocktail Press launch at the show today and I promise to take lots of photos {before I drink the cocktails that is}!!

The other really exciting thing this week was finalising the details of our really exciting venture for vendors called {wait for it}… The Mad Hatters Club (this is the really, really, really exciting project we’ve had bubbling away for a little while now) which will hopefully go live mid March – lots of goodies!

And of course, the most important creative chaos for this week has been organising Boo’s birthday next week.  She turns 4!  I can’t believe my baby girl will be 4!  And she’s off to big school in September {insert sad Mummy face here}!!!

But I’ll leave you with something I’m really looking forward to: some more Disney inspiration 🙂  I’m a huge fan of Disney and this just looks beautifully animated!

Have a Frabjous Friday!