In a cookie-cutter designer world of wedding bling, one designer stands out. Her designs are quirky, free-spirited and are created with ideas fortuned around love and romance.

Cathy Waterman is the Queen of wedding ring designs and this one, the infinity is gorgeous.

Don’t settle for high-street wedding rings when designer rings or even your own design can cost the same.


Photo: Unknown  Source: Barneys

Your wedding ring is probably the most important decision you’ll make outside the ‘Yes’ to get married. Your rings will last an eternity and you have to look at them every day. This makes the decision, huge. The choice of whether your purchase pre-made or design your own like I did is a personal choice, neither better than the other: it’s entirely your choice dependant on your style, your personality and other influences such as budget.

My top tip for choosing your wedding rings: explore your opportunities! Check out the latest designs on the high street, consider your personality and the kind of bling you love and then trawl the internet for inspiration (and of course purchases) at sites like