Good morning! Are you ready for some more stunning photos; some spectacular wedding photos that I know will inspire you?  I promised you part II to our spectacular New Zealand wedding photography showcase by Alpine Image Co and here it is.   I really don’t have to say much as the photos speak louder than my words.

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images from Jen and the gang at Alpine Image Co capture the essence of Becca & Ray’s wedding: fun, romantic and absolutely stunning, in a part of the world that just oozes romance and fills the lens with a most poetic scenery!!!

Make sure you check out the breathtaking photos that made up Part I of Alpine Image Co’s post of Rebecca & Marco’s wedding so you can see the helicopter, for real.  It’s a mountain spectacular!

The Mount Cook National Park is home to New Zealand’s tallest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook and their longest glacier, the Tasman Glacier. It was also where Becca and Ray decided to hold one of the most important days of their lives! It’s a bit of a hike up to the Tasman Glacier (30kms or so over snow and crevasses) so of course the more sensible option in a wedding dress would be to take a ski plane, or helicopter… which they did.

The day was absolutely incredible and despite the snow covered mountains all around us it was very mild…so mild in fact that Becca & Ray wanted to lie down and make some snow angels! Once we were down on the ground, Becca took one look at the glassy lake with Mount Cook towering in the  background, and her decision to ‘trash the dress’ was made.  Pretty chilly considering it was mid-winter and the lake is full of glacial water…but it made for some gorgeous shots!
Another fantastic wedding organized by Minnie from The Wedding Co.

Not fair, Becca got to wear the headphones… tell us Becca did you say it?  Did you say “Over and Out”? 🙂

Nuptials in the snow, I feel like I’m seeing takes from a Hollywood movie.

This photo takes my breath away!  And, we love your style Becca.  That’s what your wedding is all about; creating a story no matter what happens to the dress. 🙂

Simply stunning, moody and poetic!

Be sure to check out Alpine Image Co’s FB page for more of their spectacular photos and grab a cuppa or glass of vino and sit back and enjoy their website for some great ideas and a beautiful slide shows.