Iam continuously inspired by how many different interpretations there are of Alice In Wonderland inspired weddings.  There are the literal translations with almost identical characterizations from the novels artwork, or of course from Tim Burton’s incredibly beautiful movie right through to much more simply inspired weddings including posh top hats, beautiful pocket watches, subtle pastel rainbows of colour and vintage tea parties.  And I am tickled pink today to show you the latter.

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Engagement Shoot by Lauren Brimhall
was quirky, very colourful and bright and quite an obvious take on Alice In Wonderland.  Then there was Kates post on the unforgettably, wonderfully mad Alice In Wonderland wedding video that aired on Channel 4’s Wedding House series; two very different weddings both styled on the same subject.

I have wanted to see a more sophisticated interpretation of an Alice In Wonderland inspired wedding for some time now and lucky you, today we have just that!

Our Alice In Wonderland Wedding Shoot today was created by the ever-so-lovely and ever-so-talented Katherine Newman of Katherine Newman Photography in Wimbledon.  She was inspired to do the shoot after reading through a Glamour Magazine.

“A little while back I was reading through the Glamour Magazine and came across a few pictures titled ‘Everything Alice – The wonderful book of makes’ which you can find online or at Joy, an incredible book!

It inspired me to put together a bridal shoot, a Mad Hatter inspired theme with gorgeous cakes, beautiful vintage crockery and cutlery, pretty wedding stationery, bespoke vintage headpeices and lets not forget, most importantly a wedding gown!”.

Katherine’s entire shoot has captured the femininity that is Alice; the beautiful cakes, gorgeous vintage crockery, delicate pocket watches and an of course with her use of colour.  This wedding shoot is a wonderful example of just how easy it is to pull off a very sophisticated wedding while injecting elements of Alice In Wonderland.  It’s doesn’t have to be about vivid colour, whimsical accessories or in-your-face-inspiration.  When styling your wedding it is critical you pull out those elements that you love, that resonate with you.  This is what makes your story honest.

I love the simplicity of Katherine’s shoot! Nothing is overdone, all the photos capture their subject and all tell the story.  She has very cleverly, very subtly included those pieces of inspiration from Alice In Wonderland which help tell her story.  I am a big fan of less is more and this wedding shoot is a great example of just how powerful that can be.

Being relatively new to the wedding industry, and having never put anything of this scale together I didn’t really know where to start, I mean there are so many incredibly talented suppliers out there how do you choose?  I decided to keep everything as local as possible and started by sending out an invitation.  You can imagine my excitement when the replies came back saying ‘yes, we’d love to be involved!’  Soon, a date was set and the organizing began.

I chose the models because they are a couple that are so uniquely amazing, they just work so well together, as a team and are just so in love 9 years down the line!  I wanted to capture romantic, feminine yet quirky images of the couple in love and having fun together – which I feel reflects my personal style – I wanted to feature these photos on my website to show potential clients what sort of images I strive to capture and show them a little more of the way I work – just my style really.

Look at that beautiful cake!  And, notice the cards in the grooms hat.  Cleverly subtle!

The photo above is my favourite!  It’s a beautiful example of less is more and is elegant.

When I first saw Kate’s website one of the stand out features of her photographic style, which I absolutely love, is how sensuous and feminine her photos are.  She seems to effortlessly create an almost other worldliness to her photos; serene and calm.  Her style encapsulates the fairytale that is a wedding and beautifully demonstrates what can be achieved behind a lens.  Like this next photo…

I think the hardest part of all was deciding on a venue!  There are some incredible places out there, some with a hefty price tag and some without, but it needed to have an outside space as well as an indoor area for hair and make-up to work, and lets face it, for everyone to run back inside should it start to rain (which inevitably, it did!)  Come on, this is London right?  In the end, I settled for the safest option which was a friends garden in Hampstead.  The amount of last minute nightmares, let me tell you may have very nearly caused premature ageing, but we wont go into that! In the end, it all came together so incredibly well that I couldn’t believe that these amazing people had all come together for me, in a collaboration to create something beautiful!

Mmmm, right now I have ring-envy!!!

Other Frabjous creatives on this shoot were:

Make-up Artist: Sarah Newland  |  Hair-stylist: Emily Thompson  |  Wedding gown: Shanna Melville of Wimbledon  |  Vintage headpeices: HT Headwear  |  Wedding Stationery: Hello Lucky  |  Vintage Crockery: The English Tea Party  |  Cakes and cupcakes: Andrea Freeman at Cakes by Sugar  |  Macaroons: Chocadeli of Pimlico
Ring pillows:  Kiki Ecureuil and Gareth Ashfield of Hedone (please enquire for more info)  |  Accessories – glass bottles with keys and scroll inside (I made these myself).

For more incredibly inspirational wedding photos and to see more from Kate’s Alice In Wonderland wedding shoot, check out her website and see just for yourself how much your fairytale could come true!  Not only is she a very talented wedding photographer, to top it all off she is going to donate 10% from every shoot she does from now on towards either the WWF charity (one which is close to my heart) or Greenpeace, and it’s your choice!  Why?  As she so wonderfully puts it…”Because I can!”

Alice In Weddingland is loving Katherine Newman Photography!!