If I was to have an Alice In Wonderland styled wedding I’m not sure that I would wear a blue Alice dress and dress my groom in a Mad Hatters suit (believe it or not it’s been done already) however, there is one particular part of Alice In Wonderland that would definately influence my wedding whether it was Alice In Wonderland inspired or not…The Tea Party!

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love the Mad Hatters Tea Party in Alice In Wonderland and gathering over pots of tea is my perfect way to spend a few hours so to include it in my wedding – Perfect!  When I think Tea Party Styled Wedding – I think Tim Burton.  Bright, playful colours like lime green, light blues, yellows, purples and pinks.  I imagine cakes of all types and sizes spilling over the cake stands, teapots everywhere, tea cups leaping off the tables and vintage crockery (an addiction of mine).

You don’t have to drag me out of bed on a Sunday morning if I know we’re off to some little craft market or car-boot-sale to rummage through all the ‘stuff’.  I love old things, things that have another story, another life and giving it another piece of history, mine.  And what better way to gather your cutlery for an Alice In Weddingland inspired wedding than having to trawl eBay or car-boot sales (shucks).  Or of course you could borrow a load from Granny, Mum and friends.

The wonderful thing about doing a Tea Party reception is that you can inject as little or as much into it as you please and a subtle way of styling your wedding using the Tea Party idea is through the use of table decorations.

Vintage, retro and modern crockery all make amazing table decorations for an Alice In Wonderland inspired wedding. They can be dainty, colourful, over-sized, flamboyant or a plentiful mixture of them all.  You could have one 3-tiered cake stand per table or even three of them per table, gathered in a little round inviting your guests to nibble.

Or maybe stack some teacups and make a creative impression of your idea of an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party like the picture below.  The ideas are limitless.  It all depends on how much or how little you wish to use to express your theme.

Cake stands can also be used on the serving tables instead of on the guests tables.  For example you could have delicate desserts on offer later in the evening: a little like a candy table only a cake table of finger sized desserts.  Think The Ritz High Tea…(yes please).  These little nibblers scream EAT ME.  You could gather different cake stands and put them all together on the one table and then scatter them with teacups filled with candy.
You could theme your desserts using colour too.  If your wanting a more elegant approach to your tables, let the crockery stand out by making the deserts all white, or pale yellow.  Or have many deserts of many colours to add vibrancy.  You could even theme the deserts the same colour as your Bridesmaids to tie it all in together.
Oh so many ways to use it all.  Go for it! “Let them eat cake” I say!
Zarn ?