The Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Collection I just can’t get enough of!

I really just can’t go past a Yolan Cris Wedding Dress and the 2012 Collection, Lumiere just oozes the typical sophisticated, feminine silhouette that the dresses always seem to define.

When I started Alice In Weddingland I knew I had a huge task ahead of me; to learn as much as I could about the names in the biz that are ‘The Wedding Dress Designers’, and amongst my travels I found one that I absolutely adore.  And, if you were to ask me who would I get married in today, it would hands down be a Yolan Cris all the way!

I would hunt, beg, steal and borrow everything I could to get a Yolan Cris wedding dress; I would hire investigators if need be (OK, now I’m going a little too far.) but it’s  Y o l a n   C r i s !  !  !   And now, (breath), I have just found out, (far too excited), that they are available, (yay!!!!! *wiggling ridiculously with excitement*), in the UK!  –  O M G!!!

Redefining the 1920’s wedding dress

The Lumiere Collection below was inspired by the brothers Lumiere who created the first ever Cinematograph (film camera/projector).  The collection is a divine mix of macrame, patchworks, crochet, nets and laces. Yolan Cris has redefined the 1920’s wedding dress in an eclectic mix of Bohemian, Vintage and contemporary classics.

Check, it  o u t !!! I’m in love…

Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Pics

Ooh, I want me some of these.  Look at the stunning lace work, and the jewellery – I have bling envy!


You know I have to admit, what I also am continuously impressed with is the photo shoots behind the Yolan Cris Wedding Dress Collections.  They are always innovative, creative and outside-the-box.   I adore grabbing a cuppa tea and tenderly scrolling though all their collections on their website; checking out every intiricate detail in the shoots and the dresses themselves, because there are always loads details that inspire me and many, many “wow’s” that escape my mouth during my browse.

I love the Yolan Cris Wedding Dress collections, I always do and just like their previous collection, I am struggling to pick a favourite.

It’s always about the detail… happy dress hunting!



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