It’s Spring here in the UK, and it’s snowing – I don’t need to say any more so instead I’m going to make you feel warm, fuzzy and stylish by showing off this gorgeous winter wonderland wedding shoot in Austria; with snow, a stunning wedding dress, a beautiful cabin and gorgeous pink and oranges.

Shot by one of my favourite women photographers of the moment Claudia Magas, who featured over in the launch issue of Alice the magazine this week, this wedding shoot is sumptuously warm. Shot in Austria, where winter weddings are frabjously picturesque with wonderful scenery and guaranteed snow. With their ridiculously romantic chalets, Austria is a beautiful choice for a winter wedding.

In this wedding photo shoot I adore the colours and love the simplicity of the cake with the pine cones on top. Beautiful! Stylish and creative!

Please someone from the UK, no not just one, more please, go to Austria, grab Claudia and have a winter wedding. There just isn’t enough winter weddings out there for me. I love them! They are (besides beach weddings) my favourite. The details are beautiful, the snow is so beautifully photogenic against your dress and your colour scheme and the added details, like fluffy bunnies, horses, funky bright colours, sumptuous wraps, the fur capes – oh don’t get me started on the accessories! Just don’t go all christmassy on me! Be different!

Check out the pink puffer over the wedding dress too – love the idea. What else would you wear in the snow?!

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Check out the beautiful boudoir photos in Claudia’s feature ‘She is woman, she is beautiful‘ over in the Alice Magazine here. I’m a huge fan of boudoir and her shots are beautiful, sensual and sexy; just like us girls 🙂

I love this wedding photo shoot. How do you feel about winter weddings? Would you have one?