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far you guys are turning out to be a romantic, emotional bunch which I absolutely LOVE!! The photos that seem to be winning the series thus far seem to be those that showcase emotion, a captured moment. Personally I adore those types of shots but this year I’m going to inject a lot more artistic shots too to see what you think.

Keep you’re heels, head and standards high!

OK, so today’s winning wedding photos are pretty, well, pretty 🙂 and be warned ladies…

Enter, shoe-envy because I’ve selected a few doozies to pick from. Not only are the following 3 unique wedding photos stunning from a photographic point of view but the shoes are divine!

Oh, and all these shots are from real weddings by real wedding photographers 🙂 They’re not from photo shoots or photos for marketing purposes. Please don’t judge these photos by picking your favourite shoe (I know it’s hard ladies when you have such beautiful shoeness going on – rather, choose the photo you think shows off the wedding shoes the best).

‘{The dream} wedding shoes’ Winning Wedding Photos


Chris Giles


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Ian Johnson

dream wedding shoes

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Keystone Photography



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