I had an entirely different theme for this morning but at the eleventh hour, changed my mind {a woman’s prerogative :-)}  You see, because we have an awesome feature coming up this Wednesday featuring stunning wedding photos {that include a brolly}, I thought I’d start the week off with a ‘Singing in the Rain’ kind of feeling!

and so on this cold and chilly morning, I aim to attempt to warm you up with a little love, romance and some beautiful brolly shots!

I hope you’re loving my new series, Winning Wedding Photos. I’m loving your votes!!! THANK YOU!!! I have to admit thought that today’s theme has been the most difficult challenge for me. To find three spectacular, and unique {not re-chruned out material} brolly shots was hard! “Why” you may ask… Well, try searching in Google for ‘umbrella wedding photo/photography’ – there’s not a lot of choice. It took me a good couple of hours to scour a number of photography sites (and a few of my little secret sites) to find these shots, but I made it. And I hope you like them. Umbrella wedding photo is not a well used term so finding these types of photos take a lot of patience and trawling through photographers websites, alas…

Vote with a difference

I’d love you to do something a little different for me this morning, that is, if you don’t mind (insert cheesy grin and fluttering lashes). Could you take a few moments to vote, you know, rather than skim down and vote for the one that jumps out at you which is fine, I’m trying something new thanks to my Mind-bending hubby and instead of that unconscious screech of the brakes as you see the photo you like and jamb on the vote button, instead, stare at each one for atleast 5 seconds and then go back to the top and do it once more, 5 seconds each. Soak them up, enjoy them and then choose your favourite.

My mind bending secret revealed

I’ll tell you why I’ve asked you to do it this way when I announce the winner on Sunday {secret Derren Brown stuff} hehe.

And here we go, this weeks theme…


‘Singing in the rain’ Winning Wedding Photos


The Popes

umbrella wedding photo

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Green Photographic

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Amanda Pair

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Three very different photos. Who will emerge the winner… stay tuned this Sunday and thanks for voting! Please do pass this on to your mates and get them to vote too!



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