I was invited to an evening ‘doo’ just for the boys a couple of weeks ago so Zarn told me to ‘scrub up!’ (I had no idea what she meant lol) but I ‘scrubbed up’ and off I went…

It was a cold and dark evening, the rain was setting in and I’d had a loooong drive to London. The GPS had had enough and decided I’d be better off going down one way roads the wrong way, just to make my journey even more rewarding! Twisting through rush hour traffic and oncoming crazy cabs I passed the test and snaked my way up a tiny NCP car park to nestle in next to a Blue ‘Roller’ that must have been put together in the carpark just so it would fit.

I picked my trusty GPS out from it’s cradle and journeyed on foot to my destination ‘Gentlemans Tonic’ in Mayfair. By now the GPS had really had enough of me and decided that it was going to be at least 10 metres behind me in positioning, so I finally gave it up, pocketed it and used my internal map finder – my gut feeling.

Surrounded by Lamborgini’s Ferrari’s, Bentley’s and Maserati’s and the occasional supermodel hurrying their way to the bar’s. It was then that I realised I was in the right place and should have brought the ‘other’ car.

Boy was I in need of refreshment.

Mayfair is like no other place, it’s not posh, it’s not well to do, it doesn’t rush around you with pretend airs and graces, it just is – Mayfair, the coveted place on the Monopoly board, a spring of wealth that entreats you at every step, but wealth that doesn’t try to be anything different other than what it is. Mayfair knows what it is and this is why you don’t feel out of place. And with this i tottered on to my destination with nothing other than expectations of what my surroundings were already bringing to me – style and grace.

Gentlmens Tonic keeps itself in a small off street from the main thorough fair and rightly so, it’s a place where the road begins to let you unwind as the sound of your footsteps echo back from the building walls softer and slower. Just what is needed after a long day…the comforting reassurance of knowing you’re in the right place to get something you need…relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

Ah, I’d arrived and in good time, the Luge Ice Monument by Global Ice was perfectly positioned near the entrance with an entreating bottle of vodka ready to ride its way down the ice sculpture and rapidly cool itself to just the right temperature for a refreshing ‘snap’. That was my first port of call.

(not me in the photo)

Gentlemans Tonic is aptly named – a rewarding place to be and indulge your senses in the finery of life. The place where you realise your body has been calling you for all too long to go to. The place where (once your there) you wonder why it took so long – a bit like a hair cut, you wonder why you just didn’t do it sooner.

I’d been invited to attend this Gentelmans evening and savour some of the fineries you can have that make a difference in getting back to yourself from merely existing and realising that it doesn’t just have to be one for the ladies. Let’s just add something up here for a moment you guys, not all men are created equal and some of us just don’t do the pampering thing. Give me a motorbike, Motorhead T-Shirt, bottle of Tequila and some sun and I’m a happy man. Give me a bottle of facial scrub, hand moisturising cream and a nail-file I’d wonder whether it was April Fools day.

But this isn’t the case with Gentlemans Tonic – Think of it as the perfect pre-Stag Do – Go and unwind, get truly pampered so you’re ready for a night of whatever or wherever you decide to go, but in a relaxed, refreshed and zinging mood!

But life doesn’t have to be all rough and ready, meek and mild, glitzy and glammy, posh and frock, rather – what do you want now that will bring you back to that sense of ‘being’ and this is what I found at Gentlmans Tonic and not just with what they had but also the other vendors there too – Hugh Harris for instance.

Hugh Harris is the place to suit and boot up. I loved the suits, they were stylish, cut with elegance and the fabric designs flattering (did I just say that:-) ). What else would you perhaps expect from a company that also brings suits from William Hunt of Savile Row.

But this isn’t about price, this is about style and grace. What impressed me more was the fact that if I were to get married I could have a suit that not only would be used for 1 day, but that I could use back with my business clients, a suit that lasts. Not only this, they could be bought or hired, so my best man, father and the other wedding party guys would also look in place with what was being worn. We wouldn’t have to go and ‘hire’ the ‘standard’ normal – (quite frankly any other ‘typical- dull’) wedding suit you’d see on the high street. So there is no excuse for you not to ‘be in’ with the best and have an awesome tailored suit at prices that really are very very good!

And of course they wouldn’t necessarily be complete without the stunning lapel flowers by Hattie and Flora.

So I’ll leave you now with some of the pictures from the event while I go back to change Motorhead on the CD Player over to Baroque music while I indulge my senses in a GC Couture (Not a Fairy) Fairy Cake 😉 Mmmmm

and the well crafted invitations by Very Inviting just to make sure you’re adding the final touches to the impressive wedding event.

From Hugh Harris

Hugh Harris puts grooms back in the wedding day spotlight

Award-winning menswear supplier, Hugh Harris Formal Attire is putting grooms back in the spotlight with its unique customer service offering.

A family-run business since 1914, Hugh Harris Formal Attire in Woking recently won the Best Groomswear Award at the prestigious Wedding Ideas Awards 2012 on the strength of its exceptional level of customer service and selection of men’s formalwear to suit all budgets.

Stephen Bishop, Director at Hugh Harris says: “It’s unfortunately the case that, quite often, the groom’s outfit is an afterthought when it comes to wedding plans. While the bride is afforded the luxury of a beautiful designer dress, all too often the groom is in a suit that just doesn’t match how expensive the bride looks. At Hugh Harris we like to rival the experience that women have with dress shopping, because men deserve to feel special on their big day too.”

The shop’s long history has meant it has developed with the times, and while fashions have changed, Hugh Harris Formal Attire has widened its offering to include everything from its own modern rental suits to more traditional designer tail suits, including an exclusive range from William Hunt of Savile Row.

“We can work with a wide range of budgets,” says Stephen, “but whatever a groom’s budget we tend to attract the more discerning man, someone who really wants a quality suit to match the formality of his wedding day. We then work with the groom to ensure our service goes the extra mile and he walks out with something that’s comfortable, excellent quality and appropriate to the theme. In other words, we never let our groom’s just ‘make do’; we always ensure that he’s wearing something that’s just right for him. We get a lot of requests for very fitted suits like those worn by –

Dermot O’Leary and David Beckham, but quite often grooms end up opting for something more comfortable and traditional.”

He adds: “We’re also unique in the range of sizes we carry. We very rarely have to drastically alter a suit as our long history has taught us how to design a relevant range that caters for all tastes, shapes and sizes. We have extra short to extra long fits on both the arms and the legs of many of our suits which means that adjustments are rarely needed.”

In Hugh Harris Formal Attire’s lengthy trading life, the shop has also seen all sorts of bespoke creations come and go.

Stephen says: “While the hire side of our business is very important, we do love getting bespoke orders for special made-to-order suits. We can source anything from the fabrics to individual designs and it’s an opportunity for us to create a one-off piece that is really unique to a groom. It’s great to be able to make the groom’s experience an exciting one, instead of something that has to be done because it’s tradition.”

About the Evening

At 7.30pm grooms-to-be started arriving at Gentlemen’s Tonic and over the course of the evening we saw a nice steady stream of grooms arriving in tow with their best men and ushers. Hugh Harris displayed their latest groomswear fashion, offered one-to-one consultations and helped grooms to decide on the perfect suit for their wedding day.

Therapists from Gentlemen’s Tonic provided complimentary express treatments such as neck, shoulder, back and hand massages to the grooms, which went down a treat!

Check out the event video here https://vimeo.com/42609823 to catch a snippet of the action from the evening and a selection of the photos from the lovely Carla Thomas Photography. 


Hugh Harris Formal Attire – www.hughharris.co.uk
Gentlemen’s Tonic venue – www.gentlemenstonic.co.uk
Ice Sculpture – www.globalicesculptures.co.uk
Cake Goody Bags – www.gccouture.co.uk
Photographer – www.carlathomasphoto.com
Videographer – www.proposepr.com
Event Styling – www.hattieandflora.co.uk
Invitations – www.very-inviting.com

And so I arrived home without the GPS refreshed and with some ideas for new suits.

Go well


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