Holy cow where did last week go?  I guess when you have your head stuck in magazines and websites and, like last night, you croon over hopelessly romantic wedding movies (My Fake Fiance) – time flies because I’m havin’ so much fun.  And I forgot to wrap up the week on Sunday night, well, actually it wasn’t quite something I forgot, but rather couldn’t stomach (after having a tummy bug on Friday night)…

myPantone Wedding Styleboard App

So, here is our AIW idea of the week.  And would you believe, it was my honey who introduced me to it (my man is app addicted on all levels).

This week we’ve broken the boundaries on all things Alice because the idea of the week is not a shoe, it’s not a dress, and it’s not anything for the reception either (well kinda).  This weeks best wedding idea lets your fingers do the walking or the swiping (if your a groovy iPad user).

So with anticipation I give you what we thought was this weeks (err hmmm last weeks) best “I’m soooo impressed with this” idea.  Drum roll… the MyPantone Wedding App for iPhone and iPad.

myPANTONE is a Wedding Styleboard app to give brides-to-be a simple, intuitive way to create their own interpretations of their wedding day.  Through the use of over 200 (phew) wedding colours you can coordinate dresses and accessories to flowers, jewellery and invitations.

In collaboration with the Dessy Group Pantone have created what they think will be every Brides ultimate app.  And I have to admit, I think it’s the best on the market right now.  Check out the Dessy Groups website to, it’s a fab site for Brides.

Ok, so the low-down…I haven’t had my hot little fingers do the walking yet (it’s on its way) but when I do I promise, without fingers crossed, to do an in-depth review for you.

But, but, but…looking at the screen shots, testimonials and write up I reckon this app is going to be a must have for Brides-to-be especially those who love their iPhone & iPad apps.  You don’t have to be a Channel 5 Gadget Show geek to use this app.  In fact, even if there isn’t the slightest part of you that is geeky (I’m afraid there is quite a bit in me) it will be a lot of fun.  So when the adverts come on in the middle of Coronation Street, you know what to do.

So what can you do with it this nifty little app?

Created by fashion colour experts and of course with The Dessy Group, the style board app lets you create as many style boards as you can without getting rainbow concussion .  Giving you all the design features that professionals use within an easy to use platform gives you so much choice with excellent functionality.  You have the creative wheel and you get to steer it in your chosen direction.

The app comes preloaded with 200 Pantone colours to help inspire you.  You can import your own photos or choose from thousands of images within the app (and the Dessy website).  Then, when your done, share your ideas on Facebook and twitter!  How fabulous is that?

I love it! I want it! And when I get it Chickadees, I’ll be back tinkering my keyboard for you.

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