After an exhausting day yesterday I am pleased to be showing you guys these gorgeous wedding ring pillows today as they look so soft, and snugly that I just want to squish myself in one.  I have to admit wedding ring pillows weren’t popular when I was married however the trend is increasing.  With vintage, contemporary and even steampunk designs there are wedding ring pillows that would suit every style of wedding and I am so happy to show you some stunners by a very talented British textile designer Anna Whitford.

I never had a wedding ring pillow because as you all know, I am not exactly the traditional type.  However, there are some things that nowadays are designed and made so beautifully that they would fit into any wedding, traditional or not especially if you have a gorgeous little pageboy in your wedding party – then you just have to have a wedding ring pillow.  And when you see Anna’s work you may just be swayed to incorporate one into your big day.

Anna’s styles include vintage colours, dramatic and elegant blacks and whites and traditional creams and ivory’s.  Out is the old fashioned silk and lace plain pillow and in is designer wedding ring pillows!  So grab your cuppa and have a Frabjous Friday look-see at these delicate beauties.  The first one is my absolute fav – but I am a massive black and white fan!!!

Wedding ring pillow designs


Dahlia Range Wedding Ring Pillow


Gerbera Range Wedding Ring Pillow

Waterlilly Range Wedding Ring Pillows

Primrose Range Wedding Ring Pillows

Anna Whitford originally trained as a textile designer and has been designing wedding ring pillows since 2005, after a request from a bride who asked her to design a bespoke ring pillow for her wedding day:

At the time I was manufacturing high quality, hand made interior accessories for independent retailers, and interior designers. However, after receiving such a positive response from the bride and her guests, i began designing a whole range, featuring a variety of floral styles that matched brides specifications.

So why just 5 flowers?

The flowers I designed initially were the Gerbera, Waterlily and Daisy. These were the most popular and favoured styles requested from my buyers and interior designers. Also I chose flowers that are identifiable through the technique of hand sculpting the fabric, and of course those that are popular in wedding bouquets.

The most popular style continues to be the classic Gerbera Wedding Ring pillow in ivory, with its soft rounded petals and symmetrical form.

Check out Anna’s beautiful wedding pillows in some real weddings to see how they can suit your wedding styling.  I am a new fan of using the traditional {oops I said that word} wedding ring pillow.



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