Wow…check this out.  Mark Seymour, Documentary Wedding Photographer has been chosen as wedding photographer of the year.  What a prize!  Check out his website for a peek into his gallery and to get an insight into Documentary wedding photography.  I love Black and White Photography; its moody, its dramatic and its evocative.

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Documentary Wedding Photography - photograph by Mark Seymour

Documentary or reportage wedding photography captures the true essence of the fairytale by documenting it from start to finish. It’s not just photos of the bride and groom staring longingly down the lens anymore, it is more than that.  It’s the finer moments!  Like the first kiss as husband and wife, actually its even more than that, its the moment just before or just after the first kiss.

“Doing a wedding is about capturing the whole day – you’re not just there for half an hour. It’s not about firing off 500 images; it’s about the beautiful, classic moments that capture the essence of the day” Mark says during an interview by Nikon.

I love this photo he has taken.  I am captured by the story it tells.  Doesn’t the bride just look elated, like it really is the best day of her life and it makes me want to jump right in there, give her a cuddle and share a bit of her happiness.

I love story-telling and pictures do it so brilliantly.  Wedding photos become stories when they are documented not set-up and this one definitely puts me in the couples story.  I imagine that they have just been announced as Husband and Wife and the bride filled with elation (the lean of her body, her open mouth and her wide eyes) has an “oh my god we did it” moment.  It’s beautiful, its imagery at its best in story telling and it gives us a greater glimpse into their wedding, their day, their story.

Documentary wedding photography has the potential to really change the wedding industry and give the Bride and Groom an amazing memory.  It’s becoming more and more popular and more photographers are now focusing on this style only.  It’s not about traditional family line-ups or posed photos.  It’s your story!

I love Marks style, his simplicity and his use of light and shadow.  His photos are elegant and ooze such a sense of life by capturing those moments in time that we would otherwise not know about or perhaps that we may forget.

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