She had me at “I wanted to do something bridal-inspired but didn’t want to do the ‘fake wedding’ thing”! Sooooo my thinking. I am so over the ‘fake wedding’ thing too! For me it’s about expressing all that a wedding can be with less is more, no matter what part of the wedding you’re showing off, and todays wedding photo shoot is just that. Oh and not to mention stylishly unique and frabjulous!

Today’s wedding photo shoot was shot by the brilliant Paula Smart of Wild Hearts and Wishes Photography. When Paula sent me this shoot it was love at first site for me; pure, delicate and so unique (wait till you see the shoes, oh and not forgetting the awesome henna tattoo). The first photo is my love affair! The models pose, as if caught just like a Bride would be as she turned after hearing her name called. The headpiece – OMG… just beautiful. The sunset – WOW!!! And from a techy point of view Paula has technical prowess in this shot! It’s everything this blog is all about… creatively stylish and unique!

I’m so in love with this photo!



From Paula:

“I wanted to do something bridal-inspired but didn’t want to do the ‘fake wedding’ thing.  I got a bridal florist to make me the gorgeous floral head-dress and bouquet.  The gowns and wraps were genuine vintage items ranging from 1920 to 1980 and were hired from a local theatre wardrobe department at an amazingly reasonable price (£10 per item for a week’s hire!).  If you’re on a budget, are good at styling, and want something pretty unusual for your wedding day I definitely recommend checking out theatre wardrobe departments to see if they hire out.  The Doc Marten’s were the models own and I asked them to keep them on as I thought they added a really quirky touch.  (Plus they were practical as we had to walk on the beach for about 15 minutes and then scramble over some hilly dunes to get to the location!)

The shoot took place up on the rugged Northumberland Coast just outside of a tiny little village called Low Newton by the Sea in mid-November (brrrrrr – brave models!).  I wanted to complement the autumn dunes with the colours of the clothes and the flowers, and red-haired girls seemed the obvious choice.  We’d planned a full-day shoot but the weather was not kind to us and we (the team, myself plus assistant, two models, two MUAs, two cinematographers) spent the entire morning just hanging around under cover. However, the sun shone with a brief but really incredible light for us in the afternoon and although we had to abandon some of the shoot ideas because of the morning rain I really think we came away with some wonderful photographs”.

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Behind the scenes

AIW-uniqueweddingblog-PaulaSmartPhotography-03 AIW-uniqueweddingblog-PaulaSmartPhotography-02 AIW-uniqueweddingblog-PaulaSmartPhotography-01 AIW-uniqueweddingblog-PaulaSmartPhotography-10


Ooh you know how addicted to behind the scenes I am?! Well, for your viewing pleasure a behind the scenes video – grab your cuppa, I LOVE this video and their Mum did the soundtrack – GO Mum!

Frabjous Creatives:

Photographer: Wild Hearts and Wishes Photography
Cinematographer: Flickering Cities
Flowers: Secret Garden Flowers
Gowns: PTAG
Mehndi Art: Mohima Farchu
Mua:  Sarah Elizabeth Roe and Helen Watson
Models: Emma Townsend and Rebecca Young

Thanks for sending me the shoot Paula! It’s simply divine with a capital ‘D’. I love your interpretation and I love your unique details. I can’t wait for more!

You all know how much I love fashion styled shoots! Well, there’s more coming soon but until then drop me a line and let me know what you love about Paula’s beautiful wedding photo shoot?


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