Bring back Mood Board Monday! I’m really excited to bring back my old ‘Mood Board Monday’s’ to the unique wedding blog by bringing you some gorgeous wedding inspiration boards, only this time, it’s back with a really, big, B A N G!!!

Every Monday I’ll be bringing you wedding inspiration boards with wedding ideas and styling inspiration to help inspire your wedding ideas.  This time though, it’s not just me bringing them to life! Nope, nope nope! This time I wanted to ensure you had many different influences, different ideas, different styles and unique wedding ideas so I enlisted the help of some frabjous wedding experts who over the next four weeks, you’ll get to meet, get to know and be inspired by their flare and design for wedding style and themes.  This is because I want you to get as many different and unique variations, not just mine, on styles and themes to help you plan your big day. And I’m soooo excited about it!!!

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all want to show you how accessible beautiful weddings really are!!!

Handpicking my Mood Board team was no easy feat either however, today I’m really proud to introduce you to our first Guest Mood Board Stylist (and her stunning wedding inspiration board) who is the fantastic Deirdre Rocks (with one of the best surnames in the biz), who some of you know from the faulous personal styling blog, The Image Mistress.  Her theme today is the beautiful and romantic Rococo theme.

Rococo, an 18th century artistic movement and style developed in Paris, France was a rebellion to the grandeur, symmetry and strict regulations of the Baroque period. Artists of the Rococo movement opted for a more wity, flowery yet graceful approach to their work and used creamy, pastel-like colours, asymmetrical designs, curves and gold.  They were elaborate and unique in the beautiful sense!

Rococo Wedding Inspiration Board

Wedding Mood Board - Rococo theme

Deirdre says:

Rococo fashion has always fascinated me! I love the dramatic silhouettes of Rococo era gowns, with their sensational full skirts and streamlined corsets creating a beautiful, feminine shape. Garments from the era were usually exquisitely detailed with intricate embroidery and ornate embellishments – details which I find absolutely mesmerizing. Such opulent detailing is characteristic of the Rococo style, with everything from the architecture, art, interiors, and fashions of the period, to the foods, furnishings, and lifestyles of the very wealthy displaying incredible glamour and splendour. And it’s this dramatic glamour and opulence which inspired me to create a mood board for a Rococo themed wedding.

Of course, no one exemplifies Rococo style better than the infamous Marie Antoinette, and the extravagant, yet incredibly refined fashions of France’s last ever Queen have provided inspiration for the creators of countless sublime bridal gowns, floral arrangements & bouquets, and wedding stationery. I fell head over heels in love with Gallery Serpentine’s amazing ‘Antoinette Ensemble’ bridal gown – the moment I saw it! The sumptuous full skirt & glorious combination of rich red and gold hues are the very definition of majestic Rococo style, and it’s such a wonderfully unique dress.
I think there is so much creative scope when you’re planning a Rococo themed wedding, particularly in terms of your bridal outfit. Rococo fashion is defined by regal glamour, sophistication, and stylish drama, but every bride can put her own unique spin on this, and showcase her individuality & personal style.

Frabjous creatives:

Links to all the beautiful things you can buy:

  • Both wedding invitations, i.e. the gold & pale pink boxed invitation in the top right of the boards, and the peacocks invitation are by Anista Designs
  • The red & gold wedding gown is from Gallery Serpentine, and the dress in the bottom right corner is from Stella di Libero –
  • The cake & confection towers are both from Cake Opera Company
  • Both of the wedding photographs (one towards the top of the board and the other at the bottom) are by Alexander Leaman
  • Both bouquets of flowers (‘Plumtastic’ at top right, and ‘Marie Antoinette’ at bottom left) are from The Little Bouquet Shop
  • Gold beaded headband (beneath the Gallery Serpentine dress) is from Jane Taylor Millinery
  • The shoes are by Pamela Quinzi, from her bridal collection at Pamela Quinzi Design
  • Central picture is one of the rooms in wedding venue The White House in Ealing
  • Finally the brass heart choker, with green beads/stones is by Aranwen Jewellery –

Catch up with Deirdre on her Facebook page and look out for more beautiful wedding inspiration boards by Deirdre!

What’s your wedding theme?  Will you be using similar pastel colours as the Rococo theme?  Would you consider a Baroque theme?