Do you know the secret to perfume? Were you, like me, under the assumption that perfume is strong and so purchased Eau de Toilette for many years. Well, today I’m spilling the best kept secret I’ve heard in a long time.

The Weddings by Harrods launch last night was brilliant! It was sumptious, elegant, divine and saturated with some spectacular wedding vendors. Not to mention the sexy canapés and delicious champagne cocktails!!! *insert tired eyes* – however, the best little piece of information that I’ve ever heard was hiding in my goodie bag amongst the Harrods Champagne and the drippingly delicate macaroons by Laduree. It was a magazine hosting the best kept secret in the world – the art of perfume!

I loved it so much that I HAD to share it with you this morning. For Brides2B this is magic in words – for woman everywhere, this is magic in words!!!

I love perfume! I love going into Department stores and discovering new scents; scents of distant memory, scents that take you to a far away place and scents that make you dream. But I’d forgotten the art of wearing perfume.

Inside the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie Magazine is a brilliant little article written by the man himself, Roja Dove, on the art of wearing perfume. It’s so damn good, I had to share an excerpt from it…


Taken from the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie Magazine, pg 7. An excerpt from the article…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Perfume by world renowned perfumer Roja Dove

World renewed perfumer Roja Dove offers his expertise on how to get the most from your precious fragrance.

… use and enjoy your perfume rather than saving it for special occasions. Like a fine wine, once un-stopped and exposed to the air, fragrance will gradually oxidise and spoil.

Use the base of the stopper to apply your fragrance so that the oils and sebum from your fingers don’t contaminate the contents and affect the scent. Wipe the stopper with a square of silk as it will remove the oils and holds scent longer than other materials, enabling you to leave a lingering memory of your scent to whomever you give it to.

Apply a touch of scent to the dips of each collarbone, inside the wrist and at the bend of the elbow for maximum effect. If you are going to an event where you know you will be seated, apply to the backs of the knees and ankles too, as the scent will rise up around you throughout the evening.

Keep a small atomiser of your fragrance in your handbag. Every time you re-apply your perfume, the top notes will revive and refresh you throughout the day, putting a spring in your step.

People think that perfume is strong – it isn’t. It is the softest, most refined and elegant expression of a fragrance. It is also the most long-lasting. Sadly we have forgotten the art of perfuming ourselves. To get the best effect apply a small amount of Eau de Parfum across the whole of the body, it then creates a beautiful background for the pure Perfume to go on top. The trick is to apply a little of both strengths so the alchemy can start and the magic begin.

Apply your scent within the “forbidden triangle”. From the jawline to each earlobe, and down to the top of the cleavage. This is because our necks become crepey with age and so if scent is applied there, the alcohol content within acts as an astringent. Behind the ears there are a number of sebaceous glands, sebum is alkaline and therefore makes the scent “turn”.

Don’t apply a matching body cream under the scent. The alcohol in the fragrance will damage the cream and stop it being as effective – the same applies in beauty, you would never use an alcoholic toner over an expensive moisturiser…


So ladies, scent up, perfume up and ditch the Eau de Toilette!! I for one have been educated beautifully on the art of perfume by this article and the forgotten art that Roja speaks of, bring it on!

So what is/was your wedding day perfume? Mine was Miss Dior – elegant, and stirring! So Rob says 🙂



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