I‘m back and I’m throwing myself head first into beautiful wedding bouquets {if only it was literal}.

I can’t believe this little ol’ wedding blog has become the big wedding planning site that it now is, in just five little ol’ months.  It still feels like I’m back in August 2011, just setting out and having a ton of fun researching the crazy and spectacular things to do with weddings. And now I’m back for 2012, busily tapping away in a crazy woman kind of way with my shaggy hair and my fourth cuppa tea, motivated by the thrill of getting Alice In Weddingland back on track after my fabulous Christmas, Birthday and New Year.

For months my little art deco Paperblanks notebook has had a note scribbled in there with the words “wedding bouquets – photography” coupled with my cutesy attempt at a little drawing of a flower with a smiley face on it. {I even coloured in the petals :)}.  This little note has been reminding me, haunting me, disheveling me into action in search of stunning photographs of wedding bouquets for some weeks because I want to show you just how gorgeous your wedding bouquet can look in your wedding photographs and I wanted to find some inspirational photographs showcasing the creativity of wedding bouquets.

And today that little note has stopped haunting me because I get to cross it out.  Today is the day I finally get to show you some stunning wedding bouquet photos – I found some!  And they are all photographed by the lovely Gillian Cross Photography.

Gillian has a talent in capturing the vibrancy and the romance that is truly, a bunch of flowers and tells a story instead.

Wedding bouquet photos telling your story

Gillian is a wonderful wedding photographer who I think is expert in wedding bouquet photography and her wedding photos reflect this same ability.

So when you’re thinking about your wedding bouquet, try not to just think about the type of flower or colours that match your Bridal party.  Try and think outside the box and tell a story with your wedding bouquet.

And remember the words of Groucho Marx…

In Hollywood, Brides keep the bouquets and throw away the Groom” Groucho Marx.


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